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HFH Gateway North News 02.13.17

Serving Orillia Lake Country, North Simcoe, District of Muskoka, Parry Sound District, North Bay and Blue Sky Region and Sudbury District

With two families officially moved into their new homes in Espanola, the Habitat OGN "families served" count has climbed to 41.

With a build currently underway in Huntsville, and additional builds kicking off in South Almaguin, Parry Sound and Orillia - we're on our way to 50! Thanks to all of our volunteers and sponsors throughout the years who've helped build homes, hope and communities! 
In This Issue:
* Families Served

* Celebrity Night
* Video of the Week
* A Feel Good Story
* Health & Safety
* Doors & Windows
* Epic ReStore Find
* Event Posters
* Save the Dates
* Quote of the Week
The Newsreel: Quick Facts to Keep You Informed!
* Support our 2017 build projects across the region by donating online at
* Our Espanola Build rolls on! Stay up to date with photos and more at the Habitat for Humanity - Espanola Build Facebook Page.
* 1 in 5 Canadian families are living in unstable homes. But little by little, a brick for brick, you can help bring stability to the lives of many children from low income families. Because you're not just helping us put a roof over their head, you're helping us put the ground beneath their feet. For full details on the Brick for Brick campaign
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You are invited to attend the Boston Pizza Celebrity Server Event!

This Wednesday, February 15, volunteers from Habitat for Humanity OGN, North Bay and Blue Sky Region Chapter will be pairing up with servers at Boston Pizza to serve you and your friends hot, delicious meals between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m.

We are so excited about this fundraising event because it allows us to meet more members of our community. Part of the proceeds from the food sales will be used to help with the next Habitat build in North Bay.

So, come eat some pizza and meet your local Habitat volunteer team while raising money to build affordable housing for local families. Name a better way to spend a Wednesday evening?!
Building homes for Yukon First Nations families
Habitat for Humanity Canada video:
Building homes for First Nations families in the Yukon. 
Feel good story . . .
Barbara had all but lost hope after Hurricane Sandy hit her beachfront town in central New Jersey in 2012, destroying her home and the family business and upending almost every aspect of life.
Barbara’s house, the one she grew up in, had survived other storms, but this time was different. She remembers watching “pieces of homes and things which once helped define our lives floating by.” A sidewall was ripped from the outside of the house, letting in the rain and snow.
“We were left with a lot of mold. You could actually taste it,” Barbara says. Her daughter, Harlea, began having serious health problems — her asthma flared up, as did skin and eye conditions, and she had to drop out of college. “It was just devastating to me as a parent, not being able to protect my child,” says Barbara. “I was at the breaking point.”
Then Barbara saw Habitat for Humanity in Monmouth County offering its services to hurricane-affected families. “I called the number, and they actually called back,” Barbara says. “I said, ‘I have an extremely little amount of hope left. If you can’t help me, it is kinder to tell me that.’ And they said, ‘We are going to be with you through this.’”
“We have a beautiful and safe place to rest our heads at night. Habitat rebuilt our home and healed our hearts.”
— Barbara, Habitat homeowner
Barbara partnered with Habitat Monmouth to raze and rebuild her home. Harlea is now back in college, and Barbara has actually joined the Habitat Monmouth team, serving as an AmeriCorps member.
“We have a beautiful and safe place to rest our heads at night,” Barbara says. “Habitat rebuilt our home and healed our hearts.”
Health & Safety tip of the week: Slips, slides and falls. 

Falls in the workplace result in a significant number of workplace injuries in Ontario every year, and in some cases even death. Falls from heights, and same-level falls, can happen anywhere, anyplace, and anytime. Of course, these injuries and deaths from workplace falls are preventable.

When using a ladder always have a spotter nearby to help you in the event of ladder failure or a loss of balance. Furthermore, you should never do anything while standing on a ladder which will risk you losing your balance. Such common faults are reaching too far instead of moving the ladder or moving a heavy item. People often forget while standing on a ladder their level of mobility and support are greatly reduced.

Workers and volunteers don't need to be on a ladder or platform to suffer a serious fall. Slips and trips can be every bit as dangerous. To prevent these potentially dangerous follies make sure to clean up spills, clear clutter, and avoid running or sprinting.

With these simple tips and reminders the vast majority of workplace falls can be avoided. Watch your step.

Stay safe everyone.

- Brian Ingram, Health & Safety Coordinator 
Windows & Doors in Huntsville

Now that's a house! The duplex in Huntsville got a face-lift this past week when our friends at Muskoka Windows and Doors dropped by and shared with us their skill and expertise in installing the doors and windows. 
ReStore Find of the Year Already?
The Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Midland sent out this photo to its Facebook followers last week showing a recently donated piece of eccentric furniture.

The chair, in the shape of a rather ambitious piece of women's footwear, is being displaying prominently in the store until the right buyer comes along and purchases the piece for their martini bar.

You never know what you'll find at the ReStore! 
Save the Dates

We have several events already scheduled for this year, run by our Chapter Committees and third party groups. So mark your calendars or contact us to get involved!

Currently underway: 
  • Huntsville Build at 11 Irene St
February 13th - Emsdale Community Conversation - Community Center 7:00 p.m.

February 15th - Boston Pizza Celebrity Server Night - North Bay | 5-8 p.m.

February 23rd - Dockside Publishing Adopt-a-Build Day in Huntsville

February 25th - HFHOGN Gravenhurst Winter Carnival Info Booth & Bed Race

March 17th - Wine Tasting in Espanola

May 27th - South Almaguin Music Jamboree - Katrine

July 29th - South Almanguin - Garage Sale 
It's the season of love and you're racking up optimum points like nobody's business, but you just don't know how to use them? Well now you can donate them to Habitat for Humanity. You're welcome! And thanks!

The Shoppers Optimum Points Donation Program offers a unique and easy way to help support the construction of local affordable housing.

By donating some (or all) of your Shoppers Optimum Points to our organization, you are making it possible for Habitat to use your points toward products and supplies we need for our ongoing activities. We could use the points to buy snacks for our volunteers on the build site, or materials for our fundraising and key ceremonies. The options to help are numerous.

Here's how to donate:

Visit this website and login with your Shoppers Optimum Card before donating your points to a great cause.

With your support, we can "optimize" our fundraising and construction efforts and provide even more affordable homes in the community.

Building Homes. Building Hope. 
Quote of the Week

"Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you."

-Walt Whitman
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