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HFH Gateway North News 12.02.2016

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North Bay Celebrates 10 Years of Helping Local Families
(LtoR: Ellen Faulker, MPP Vic Fedeli, Dale Neily, Gerry Neily)

Ten Years ago, then Mayor Vic Fedeli, Phil Richardson and Ellen Faulkner incorporated Habitat for Humanity North Bay. On November 26, 2016, founding members MPP Vic Fedeli, Ellen Faulkner and Dale and Gerry Neily celebrated the Chapter's 10 years of building a stronger North Bay.

The pot-luck supper celebrated a decade of building together, but also served to recognize long-time volunteer engagement and community service.

The six founding members of the North Bay Chapter met in 2005. From there, the small team moved toward creating what we now know as Habitat for Humanity North Bay and Blue Sky Region. Three years later, the first North Bay family took title of their newly constructed First Avenue home. The Erny family; Terry, Crystal and their three children, moved in right before Christmas.

“We took a chance and put in an application. Now, we have a chance to start a new life. We are all very excited,” Chrystal Erny said.

Builds on Dane Avenue and John Street followed as the years rolled on. Four families were given a hand up and a chance at experiencing the benefits of homeownership. And it all grew out of that little meeting in 2005. We're an organization sprouting all over the country from church basements and community halls, but look what good can come from it.

Congratulations North Bay, as we turn an eye toward the future and pledge once again to help even more families in the decade and decades to come in North Bay and the Ontario Gateway North Region.

Congratulations, and thank-you, to the founding members, current Chapter members, and all of the volunteers and sponsors who have helped along the way. 
In This Issue:
* Congrats North Bay

* Santa in Huntsville
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* We're Live in PauB
* Meaning of Home
* Call for Nominations
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* Quote of the Week
The Newsreel: Quick Facts to Keep You Informed!
* Support our 2016 build projects across the region by donating online at
* Our Espanola Build rolls on! Stay up to date with photos and more at the Habitat for Humanity - Espanola Build Facebook Page.
* 1 in 5 Canadian families are living in unstable homes. But little by little, a brick for brick, you can help bring stability to the lives of many children from low income families. Because you're not just helping us put a roof over their head, you're helping us put the ground beneath their feet. For full details on the Brick for Brick campaign visit
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Hi Team Habitat Gateway North!

I have something to admit. As the days become shorter, the temperatures drop, the leaves disappear from the trees and the weather turns to snow, I get the urge to hibernate. Much like nomads would have, the change in seasons to the winter causes me shift my perspective. I get tired throughout the day, I don’t feel as energetic, being social seems like less fun.

So this winter, I’ve decided to change some of those habits. To actively pursue habits that make me feel energized, engaged and positive. As I read through articles upon articles of the habits of highly successful and happy people, I came across one article titled 25 Best Habits to Have in Life on (You can read the article here:

Now, some of these are pretty basic like wake up early or eat breakfast. Things we should know to do but occasionally forget. There are others that while broader hit a bit deeper, like gratitude, inspire yourself, break through fears and implement positive thinking.  At the heart of most of these points is the need to enjoy “me” time and create opportunities to realign yourself.

And then I found this picture and it resonated with me even more than the other articles.

Sometimes, we all need a reminder that we can change our habits, our norms and our expectations. Status quo doesn’t have to be status quo. This winter, I’ve decided to follow the life rules, instead of the school rules. Throughout the season, I’ll keep these “rules” as my guide post and hope that my hibernation instinct stays at bay. Rather than watching winter pass by, I’ll be actively outlining where I want to be and who I want to be. So, how will you fight off the winter blues?

Be well, do good deeds and keep in touch,

Santa Moves Through Huntsville With Help From the ReStore
It was another cold and windy night as the team from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Hunstville loaded up their sleigh and spread cheer around the neigbourhood.

A special thank-you to Mike's Landscaping for donating the truck & trailer and driving during the parade, and to the volunteers who helped decorate and spread cheer.

Click here to read the story and view more pictures from the parade over at the Huntsville Doppler. 
Health & Safety tip of the week: proud to be safe


Habitat for Humanity was named one of Canada's Safest Employers in 2016, and we're proud to be able to display this logo for the upcoming year in our materials and in-store.

These safety tips are about instilling a culture of work safety. It's about getting people to think about their own personal safety, and letting our team know how important safety conscious thinking is at Habitat. Being able to proudly display this logo will let our customers, employees, and volunteers all know just how serious we take safety.

Stay safe everyone.

- Brian Ingram, Health & Safety Coordinator 
Support Underwood Family this Holiday Season
Hello everyone! Meet the Underwoods, a Habitat family in Waterloo. They're featured in Habitat for Humanity Canada's holiday campaign that launched last week! MCAP will match any donation received by December 31st. Visit to find out their story!

MCAP will match all donations to Habitat for Humanity Canada until December 31st, 2016and up to a total $200,000. The matching portion of all donations will be used to help build homes across Canada.
We're Live from Pointe au Baril!
Habitat for Humanity OGN embarked into brave new waters on Thursday, Dec. 1 at the Pointe au Baril Community Centre. 

A community conversation was live-streamed via YouTube so seasonal residents could take part in the discussion. Despite some challenging audio issues, the stream ran uninterrupted for the hour-long conversation.

David Morris, CEO, and Britta Gerwin, Director of Development and Communications, presented the Habitat model to Pointe au Baril residents and spoke about the benefits of constructing affordable housing for both local families and the community.

Residents asked questions about family selection, monetary commitment, land acquisition and volunteering. The full video is available here.

Next, with the support of the Pointe au Baril and Islander community, Habitat for Humanity will work to find suitable land and raise the funds to build. Keep checking for updates during the process. 
That's a wrap. Barring some entries trickling in late, the Meaning of Home website shows the contest had 6668 participants raising a total of $66,680 before prizes. Here is an entry from Grade 4 student Aaron in Gravenhurst. 
Home is a place that you open up the door and then you watch TV, you play baseball , you can do anything you want in a house.

That’s what it means to have a house. My house is beautiful it’s a place that you can watch movies, play games, and jump on beds.

It feels wonderful when you go into your bedroom or living room. The best part is you get pets. So yeah that’s what the a home is. And when you get dropped off by from the school bus.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped spread the word about Genworth Canada's Meaning of Home contest. 
Canada's Volunteer Awards Call for Nominations
The Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, has announced the call for nominations for Canada's Volunteer Awards.

Until Feb 3, 2017, Canadians can nominate an exceptional volunteer, a not-for-profit organization that helps to find innovative solutions to social challenges, or a business that demonstrates social responsibility in their community.

To find out how you can participate, click here.
Save the Dates

We have several events already scheduled for this year, run by our Chapter Committees and third party groups. So mark your calendars or contact us to get involved!

Currently underway: 
  • Huntsville Build at 11 Irene St.
  • Espanola Build                                     
December 4th  - Bracebridge Santa Claus Parade - 1:00 p.m.

January 23rd - First-Bid Euchre Tournament in Emsdale - 10:30 a.m.
It's the holiday season and you're racking up optimum points like nobody's business, but you just don't know how to use them? Well now you can donate them to Habitat for Humanity. You're welcome! And thanks!

The Shoppers Optimum Points Donation Program offers a unique and easy way to help support the construction of local affordable housing.

By donating some (or all) of your Shoppers Optimum Points to our organization, you are making it possible for Habitat to use your points toward products and supplies we need for our ongoing activities. We could use the points to buy snacks for our volunteers on the build site, or materials for our fundraising and key ceremonies. The options to help are numerous.

Here's how to donate:

Visit this website and login with your Shoppers Optimum Card before donating your points to a great cause.

With your support, we can "optimize" our fundraising and construction efforts and provide even more affordable homes in the community.

Building Homes. Building Hope. 
Tickets may be purchased via the Parry Sound Chapter 
Quote of the Week

"Don't let yesterday take up too much of today."

- Will Rogers
Wonder Women

Ginger Barkey
Lori Beecroft
Tanya Blain
Marian Burdsall
Kelly Haywood
Carol MacLellan

Super Men

Brian Ternoway

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