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HFH Gateway North News 17.06.2016

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Huntsville Groundbreaking Ceremony

On Thursday, June 16, volunteers and supporters of Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North along with Huntsville Mayor Scott Aitchison, 2016 Build Lead Randy Blain, Habitat Canada President & CEO Mark Rodgers, HFHOGN Vice-President Linda-Acton Riddle and members of the Plymouth Church Service Trip from Shaker Heights, Ohio, broke ground at 11 Irene St. in Huntsville. The site will see a semi-detached this year, with plans for a four unit row next year.
In This Issue:
* Huntsville Groundbreaking
* From the CEO's Desk
* Plymouth Church Service Group
* Band on the Run
* Meet and Greet with Mark Rodgers
* Golf Classic at North Granite Ridge
* Cheque Presentation
* Father's Day at the Sudbury ReStore
* In the News
* Parry Sound Annual Giant Yard Sale
* North Bay Amazing Race
* Save the Dates
* Quote of the Week
The Newsreel: Quick Facts to Keep You Informed!
* Our Huntsville Build at Irene St. is underway! If you're interested in swinging a hammer, donating materials, labour or lunches, get in touch today.
* Support our Bracebridge 2016 Women Build by donating online or joining our Women Build Team. Find out more by contacting usor calling (705) 646-0106 x205.
* 1 in 5 Canadian families are living in unstable homes. But little by little, a brick for brick, you can help bring stability to the lives of many children from low income families. Because you're not just helping us put a roof over their head, you're helping us put the ground beneath their feet. For full details on the Brick for Brick campaign
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Hello Habitat Gateway North Team!

I am a superhero movie lover. Avengers, X-Men, Superman, Batman; you name it, I've seen it. There's something about superheroes, that while fictional, gives you hope and faith in all of humanity.

This week during our reception with Mark Rodgers, President and CEO of Habitat Canada, Mark mentioned that in every tragedy, no matter where or what it is, there is always human kindness on the other side. As a superhero lover, it's what I see as the Everyday Superhero.

A main reason so many people, myself included, love superheroes is because of what they represent. A superhero is compassionate, kind, selfless and follows his or her values for the good of other people. While in the movies, the superhero typically fights "the bad guy" to protect the world (or even the universe), the Everyday Superhero is less apt to wear a cape and more likely to not even make the news.

This week, Randy Blain, our 2016 Build Lead, did hit the news as he assisted an officer in Toronto in making an arrest while other bystanders chose to film the scene. The quick-thinking, compassion and selflessness of that act are what make Randy an Everyday Superhero.

Last Saturday I volunteered at Band on the Run in Huntsville and again saw the kindness and compassion of volunteers at work. The event would not have happened if not for the army of volunteers at registration, at aid stations and at the music festival. Those who helped pick up trash after the event, or the man who came to the ticket table with a lost driver's license - those things are easy to ignore, but Everyday Superheroes don't ignore them.

I am truly blessed to work with an organization where I get to see Everday Superheroes in action on a daily basis. While the past few weeks have been overflowing with activity, they've also been full of kindness, compassion, selflessness and exceptional people. A million times thank you to everyone, staff, volunteers, and sponsors, who contributed to this week's calendar of events. You are Everyday Superheroes to me (capes optional).

Be well, do good deeds and keep in touch,

From the CEO's Desk

Habitat Canada’s President and CEO Mark Rodgers and I used to joke that the other was strictly fiction. For the first couple of years I was doing assignments with HFHC, we were nothing to each other but a voice on a teleconference and a name on email. We developed a level of mutual trust and respect as some “hot potato” elements to a few of those assignments were worked through, even while we would have been hard-pressed to pick the other out of a line-up.

We worked Mark hard this week, after he accepted an invitation to participate in the Muskoka Chapter’s annual golf tournament. He was the guest of honour at a community reception we hosted Wednesday evening in Bracebridge. On Thursday morning, he was front and centre as we ceremoniously broke ground on our Huntsville semi-detached. And on Thursday afternoon, he came in from the links a few shades of suntan darker than he started out.

Over a nightcap Wednesday evening, Mark asked senior staffers what most particularly attracts them to Habitat. It’s a great question and one I’ve been pondering for the last couple of years without yet being able to intelligently articulate an answer.

Rationally, I love the strategic management challenge of making HFHOGN work across our improbably vast region. I love that, even if it’s “only” one family at a time, we offer transformational, generational change rather than a fleeting social welfare band-aid. But mostly I love that our engagement in making HFHOGN work and in transforming the lives of our partner families calls forth – not always, but I’m sure more often than what would otherwise be the case – the better angels of our nature.

It’s been a crazy-busy week for us, preceded by a crazy-busy week of preparation. It’s been a week in which it’d be dead-easy to miss the passing parade of angels.

Those angels have included a truly inspiring group of 22 young people and chaperones from Plymouth Church in Shaker Heights, Ohio that, for the week, made us the beneficiary of their astounding love and energy.

Those angels have included Randy Blain, our 2016 Build Lead, who hit the news mid-week after shoving past a crowd of smartphone-photographers to actually assist a Metro Toronto cop on the losing side of an attack.

Those angels have included the communities of supporters that turned out for the events of the week – a reception, a ground-breaking, a golf tournament – not for the events, but for our shared commitment to Habitat’s mission.

Those angels have included our national president and CEO who put aside the truckload of other demands on his time to be with us.

And those angels have included the truly inspiring group of people I get to work with every day who directly and indirectly got us through the week, corralled, cajoled and coordinated by the always amazing Meghan Smith.

How lucky can a guy get?

Have a great week,

Plymouth Church Service Group

Every year, the Plymouth Church Youth Group from Shaker Heights in Ohio travels to a Habitat affiliate to help for the week. This past week, we at Habitat Ontario Gateway North were absolutely gifted with their presence. It was the group’s first trip north of the border, and we put them to work. Lead by Robb Forward, the group worked at the Huntsville and Bracebridge ReStores and helped clear the way for the groundbreaking at Irene and Walter Streets. It is astonishing the amount of work this group has accomplished in a short week, and they even had some time , and energy, to explore in Algonquin. We wish to give a sincere thank you to the group – you’re welcome back anytime! 
Band on the Run

On Saturday, June 11, Huntsville Lake of Bays Firefighters ran in Band on the Run in support of Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North. Over $9,400 was raised by the event, including a $750 donation from Coleco TV Muskoka. The local firefighters ran a kilometre in full gear for every $1,000 pledged.

Photo: Huntsville Doppler
Meet and Greet with Mark Rodgers

On the evening of June 15th, Habitat Gateway North welcomed President & CEO of Habitat for Humanity Canada, Mark Rodgers to the area with a reception of volunteers, donors, community members and staff hosted at Kerr Park.
Golf Classic at North Granite Ridge

We couldn’t have asked for better weather at the third-annual Habitat for Humanity Golf Classic hosted by the North Granite Ridge Golf Club. Thank you to our hosts, food vendors, sponsors and all of the golfers who enjoyed the day. Congratulations to the low-score winning groups and to everyone who won one of the hole contests. We’ll see you next year!
Above: Rob Childs (left), Peter Herbert, Mark Rodgers and Volker Hann enjoyed the day of golf at North Granite Ridge.

Below Left: Al Paton, Dennis Hobbins, Ken Inglis and Carson Fowler had a little fun during their photo op on course.

Below Right: Linda Acton-Riddle, Vice-President of HFHOGN presents Mark Rodgers, President & CEO of Habitat Canada with a hand-crafted cheese board and butter tarts for his time in Muskoka.
Cheque Presentation

On Wednesday, June 15, Habitat Gateway North CEO David Morris, left, accepted a cheque from Mayor Graydon Smith of Bracebridge in support of the upcoming Biking for Builds ride.
Father's Day at the Sudbury ReStore

We are celebrating Father's Day by making gift baskets just for dad. Whether your father lives with Tool Envy, aspires to a Painter's Paradise or is the household Grill Master, we've got the gift basket for him! Happy Father's Day from the Sudbury ReStore. 
In the News

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Huntsville Forester by Paige Phillips

Requesting donations
Orillia Packet & Times by Mehreen Shahid

Theft from Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Bracebridge
Bracebridge Examiner by Mary Beth Hartill

Habitat for Humanity CEO visits Bracebridge
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Huntsville Groundbreaking
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Save the Dates

We have several events already scheduled for this year, run by our Chapter Committees and third party groups. So mark your calendars or contact us to get involved!

June - Fridays to Sundays 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 220 James St. West open for Donations

June - Huntsville Build

July 2nd - Parry Sound Chapter's Annual Giant Yard Sale and Auction

July 2nd - Soft Opening of the Orillia ReStore at 220 James St. W

July 15th - North Bay and Blue Sky Region Chapter Golf Tournament

August - Women Build Bracebridge

August 5th - Orillia ReStore hosts the Chamber After 5

September 12th - Parry Sound Chapter Golf Tournament at Rocky Crest Golf Club

October 1st - Amazing Race, North Bay and Blue Sky Region Chapter
Quote of the Week

"No matter what your current condition, how or where you grew up, or what education or training you feel you lack, you can be successful in your chosen endeavor. It is spirit, fortitude, and hardiness that matter more than where you start." -Jack Ma
Wonder Women

Ginger Barkey
Lori Beecroft
Tanya Blain
Marian Burdsall
Kelly Haywood
Carol MacLellan

Super Men

Brian Ternoway

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