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HFH Gateway North News 13.05.2016

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Muskoka Builders' Association Partnership

On Monday, May 9th, David Morris, CEO of Habitat OGN, attended the Muskoka Builders' Association monthly dinner and was presented with a cheque for $1,600. The cheque was gratefully received for partnering with the MBA Spring Home Show in April. Habitat OGN provided volunteers for the admission table the weekend of the Home Show. A big thank you to the Muskoka Builders' Association, all of the Habitat volunteers who lent a hand during the show and to everyone who came out to visit at the Home Show!

Pictured: Katy McGregor, Chair of the Home & Cottage Show (left) presents a cheque to David Morris, CEO of HFHOGN with Dean Butterwick, President of the MBA (right).
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* Muskoka Builders' Association Partnership
* Wonder Women
* From the CEO's Desk
* Espanola Build Update
* HFHOGN Golf Classic
* Save the Dates
* Quote of the Week
The Newsreel: Quick Facts to Keep You Informed!
* Everyone in the Habitat family is thinking about all the displaced families in the Fort McMurray area. Our hearts go out to them. At this time, you can give through the emergency fire appeal link on the Red Cross website ( or by texting 30333 to donate $5.
* Support our Bracebridge 2016 Women Build by donating online or joining our Women Build Team. Find out more by contacting usor calling (705) 646-0106 x205.
* Our Espanola Build rolls on! Stay up to date with photos and more at the Habitat for Humanity - Espanola Build Facebook Page.
* Habitat Canada has launched the Brick for Brick Campaign. 1 in 5 Canadian families are living in unstable homes. But little by little, a brick for brick, you can help bring stability to the lives of many children from low income families. Because you're not just helping us put a roof over their head, you're helping us put the ground beneath their feet. For full details on the campaign
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Hello Habitat Gateway North Team!

Since last week's national conference, I've felt a renewed sense of enthusiasm for Habitat's work. It's cliche to get fired up at a conference; I know this. However, being surrounded by such talented, intelligent and engaged individuals, all working toward a common goal, is inspiring. The theme carried through the entirety of the conference was "We Are One Habitat." The concept being part of such a big picture has impact and resonance for me.

Habitat for Humanity's work spans not just the country but the globe. Individuals are engaged across the world building homes and providing affordable home ownership opportunities. While the type of home built in Haiti differs from the type of home built in Sudbury, the mission and vision are the same. Every individual having a safe, decent place to call home is very much intertwined with every individual can make a difference in their own community. Think globally, act locally.

The wealth of information and ideas across all Habitat affiliates is exceptional. A program successful in one affiliate can be shared across other affiliates, without having to recreate the wheel. What worked and what didn't work are learning experiences for every affiliate when shared.

The power of team work is yet another cliche. But in my mind, the best team work happens with intrigued, dedicated individuals. The human factor is a major one. The right people in the right role can make all the difference.

The advantages of working as an individual are easy to spot: you create the goals and therefore you decide what to do and when to do it, you can concentrate and focus on what you see as the primary objective, you maker your own decisions and you get credit for your achievements.

Having those same hard-working individuals come together as a team changes the dynamic while allowing for creativity and new ideas. Teamwork means the world isn't resting on one person's shoulders. The team can be helpful in responding to problems and questions, therefore increasing work efficiency. The ability to work as a team and celebrate team success improves relationships.

Best of all, every individual is different and has unique qualities. People with different experiences and backgrounds increase the creativity of team members and the group as a whole. When different skills and experiences are applied teams are often able to come up with a more effective solution than one person working on the same problem. This is what I see happening with Habitat Gateway North and across Habitat Canada.

As with any challenge, there is more than one way to achieve results. As Meghan Reddick, HFHC's VP of Marketing and Communications, quoted in her session: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

We Are One Habitat. Let's work together. Let's learn together. Let's build a world where everyone has a safe, decent place to live.

Be well, do good deeds and keep in touch,

Wonder Women

Ginger Barkey
Lori Beecroft
Tanya Blain
Marian Burdsall
Kelly Haywood
Carol MacLellan

Super Men

Brian Ternoway
From the CEO's Desk

Last week’s Habitat Canada national conference and annual general meeting in Kitchener proved to be a wonderful event. HFHOGN took full advantage of the conference being within driving distance. At various points through the week, we had our ReStore management team, our affiliate management team, and Board Chair Jack Lanctot and Sudbury Board Director Claudette Strom participate in sessions ranging from “ReStore University” to Saturday’s AGM.

I’ve always considered myself privileged to have had the opportunity to do various projects with HFH Canada. One of the many rewards of the week was my being able to introduce our team to our national office colleagues.

The theme of the conference was “Together we are One Habitat.” That sparked a sub-theme around “What does ‘One Habitat’ mean to me?” I was asked to do the devotional address (i.e. grace) before Friday evening’s gala awards dinner, so the clock was ticking while I searched for my personal answer to that question and then attempted to put the answer into some form of coherent statement.

After considerable thought, I decided “One Habitat” is, for me, an indescribably beautiful, meditative breath of a moment, taken on a Sunday morning in November, just as sunrise becomes the heat of day in a field in Leogane, Haiti – a moment repeated in that same field a year later.

It is an act of personal commitment: I will have my two houses completed by noon Friday. I will keep my families and team safe. And on Friday, when our dedication services are done, every member of my team will go home knowing he or she has touched - and been touched by – others at the very core of our shared humanity. My “One Habitat” is making that level of personal commitment with blind but unshakeable faith it will be shared by the house-team that has yet to assemble.

In a literal sense, a wealth of words was shared at the conference, but I think “One Habitat” is a state that lies beyond words; beyond the need for words. We are One Habitat when we’re engaged in mission at the level of what Abraham Lincoln described as “the better angels of our nature.”

Have a great week,

Espanola Build Update

Espanola Site Supervisor Jeff Lapierre (centre right) is thrilled. Both basement floors in the semi-detached have now been poured and set.Thank you to all of our volunteers for their support and for the Fisher Wavy crew for their help!

Pictured from left to right: Steve Mccombs, Gus Macintosh, Kris Kring, Jeff Lapierre and the two drivers from Fisher Wavy Inc.
Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North Golf Classic

Swing your clubs so we can swing our hammers! #DRIVEITHOME

Sponsor spots are still available for the 3rd Annual Habitat for Humanity OGN Golf Classic presented by North Granite Ridge Golf Club on Thursday, June 16th.

Sponsorship will directly support our 2016 build in Huntsville. With these funds, we will provide two local families the opportunity of affordable home ownership.

Please contact Hilary Kellam for more information on how you or your business can help local families. Call (705)-646-0106 ext 205 or email
Save the Dates

We have several events already scheduled for this year, run by our Chapter Committees and third party groups. So mark your calendars or contact us to get involved!

June 11th - Band on the Run in support of Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North

June 16th - Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North Golf Classic presented by North Granite Ridge Golf Club

June/July - Women Build Bracebridge

July 2nd - Parry Sound Chapter's Annual Giant Yard Sale and Auction

July 15th - North Bay and Blue Sky Region Chapter Golf Tournament

September 12th - Parry Sound Chapter Golf Tournament at Rocky Crest Golf Club

October 1st - Amazing Race, North Bay and Blue Sky Region Chapter
Quote of the Week

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." - Henry Ford

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