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HFH Gateway North News 06.05.2016

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From the Habitat for Humanity Canada National Conference & AGM 2016 in Waterloo!

Delegates were welcomed to the conference on Wednesday evening with a walking tour of a build site followed by an Oktoberfest dinner and festivities at the Concordia Club. Our group of affiliate staff and board members were thrilled to take part in this year's conference.

Pictured from left to right: Kevin Manley, Marian Burdsall, Meghan Smith, Claudette Strom, Lori Beecroft and Greg Cowan
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* From the HFHC National Conference & AGM 2016
* Wonder Women
* From the CEO's Desk
* Seen at the Conference
* Welcome Tour & Dinner
* ReStore University 2016
* Port McNicoll Update
* Save the Dates
* Quote of the Week
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* Our Espanola Build rolls on! Stay up to date with photos and more at the Habitat for Humanity - Espanola Build Facebook Page.
* Habitat Canada has launched the Brick for Brick Campaign. 1 in 5 Canadian families are living in unstable homes. But little by little, a brick for brick, you can help bring stability to the lives of many children from low income families. Because you're not just helping us put a roof over their head, you're helping us put the ground beneath their feet. For full details on the campaign
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Hello Habitat Gateway North Community!

At a meeting last week, the question was asked about this week's edition of the newsletter. Since many of us would be participating in the 2016 National Conference & AGM, should we forego production for a week? My response was: "Absolutely not! It's a perfect opportunity to share the positivity, collaboration and excitement from the conference." So, I'm writing my column this week in a hotel room in Waterloo as a contingent of us participate in the National Conference & AGM 2016. Do I regret my enthusiasm? Not at all.

As a first-time attendee of a national conference, I did not walk through the door with expectations aside from getting to match some names on emails with faces. In a few days, I've met colleagues from across the country, as eager to share their knowledge and love of Habitat as they are to hear about my experiences and love of Habitat. It's about the opportunity to work together.

While conversations at meals and in hallways are high-valued currency at the conference, the various workshop sessions and presentations add even further value to an exceptional experience.Thursday's keynote speaker, Dan Pallotta, provided another wave of positivity. His address on the Power of Purpose challenged all of us in the room to harness our frustration, see the invisible and innovate. "Have the guts to not say no." If you haven't yet watch done of his TED Talks, check them out.

Pictured: Keynote speaker Dan Pallotta at the HFHC National Conference & AGM 2016.

All of the pieces working together are what makes this annual event something to look forward to it. Habitat for Humanity Canada taking on the logistics of an event of this magnitude. The host affiliate, Habitat for Humanity Waterloo Region, sharing their city and their traditions with all of us. Each presenter, an expert in their field, engaging and encouraging questions and discussion on every topic related to Habitat. Every volunteer assisting with registration, the welcome tour and so much more. Each delegate arriving prepared to absorb and participate in the planned events. It's the power of everyone working together.

Digesting the information from workshops, sessions, networking dinners and conversations will take time. The moments of clarity will resurface and be put to use across the country. What we will do together is so much more than what we do as individuals. It's an exciting time to be a part of Habitat.

Be well, do good deeds and keep in touch,

Wonder Women

Ginger Barkey
Lori Beecroft
Tanya Blain
Marian Burdsall
Kelly Haywood
Carol MacLellan

Super Men

Brian Ternoway
From the CEO's Desk

It’s been three months since I offered up the sort of longer update that doesn’t lend itself to the format of this newsletter. While sitting this morning at Habitat for Humanity Canada’s National Conference and AGM, awaiting CEO Mark Rodgers’ keynote address, it’s wonderfully convenient to limit my note here to a link with such a longer update, now posted at

I’ll look forward to filling you in on some of the outcomes of the National Conference in the weeks ahead. In the meanwhile, have a great week.

Seen at the Conference

Pictured: Justin Pritchard, John Hollands of HFH Huronia, Jessica Kozack, David Morris, Mark Rodgers; President & CEO of HFH Canada, Stephanie Long and others convened after the CEO/ED Day and ReStore University to share the day's learning.
Marketing and Communications Perspective

On Wednesday of this week I was lucky enough to attend the first HFHC MarComs and RD Development Day at the Habitat for Humanity Canada National Conference 2016.

(Marketing/Communications and Resource Development . . . As I was calling it up untilWednesday morning before I discovered hip abbreviations and started using them in my own lexicon to fit in.)

We discussed the new and incoming national brand guidelines (new colours!). We went over the financial specifics of major corporate and individual gift-giving across the country (I'm not a numbers guy - but all good things I'm sure). Finally, we spent the afternoon networking and discussing shared themes, concerns and philosophies moving forward as a federation. I won't rehash all of those conversations in this space, but some of them centred around broadening community engagement, creating national coordinated events and promoting sponsorships.

For me, above and beyond the content of the day I came away feeling engaged. I know that may sound backwards. The guy hired to help drive community engagement took four months to feel engaged himself. But in truth, I struggled with the feeling. I felt like a fraud. I had never volunteered with Habitat, stepped foot in a ReStore or been on a build site and within a week of starting on the job I'm using phrases like  "we here at Habitat" and explaining the very homeownership model I was just beginning to comprehend myself.

This week, speaking with colleagues and contemporaries here at the conference it hit me: Habitat is a movement. There are folks here that have been inside for decades and folks who started last week. It doesn't matter at what point you got on, but only that you're moving ahead full of spirit, conviction and energy. It's a wave sweeping up talented, humble, spirited and kind people across the country and I'm leaving this week overjoyed that four months ago I dipped my toe in the water and now I am ready to dive in headfirst.

Greg Cowan
Communications Officer

Welcome Tour & Dinner

On Wednesday, May 4th the school buses rolled up to the hotel at 4:20 p.m. sharp. Over 300 delegates walked the build site, led by wonderful volunteers and enjoyed craft beer from wonderful local breweries.

After a short walk down the street at the Concordia Club, Oktoberfest was happening in May. The attire, the music, the dancing, the official keg tapping - a true Oktoberfest experience was a great way to start thew conference.

Thank you to all of the volunteers involved in the evening and to HFH Waterloo Region for planning such an exceptional evening.

Pictured: Karen Redman, Chief Executive Officer of HFH Waterloo Region in full Oktoberfest attire welcomed Meghan Smith and David Morris to an active build site in Waterloo.
ReStore University 2016

Our ReStore management team left their stores in the hands of their capable staff and volunteers at the beginning of the weekend to attend ReStore University 2016 in Waterloo. From Monday May 2nd to Wednesday May 4th, ReStore staff from across the country learned the ins and outs of running a ReStore. Better still, they had the chance to collaborate and connect with national colleagues.

Pictured: (front row) Stephanie Long, Donna Godfrey, Marg Hamelin, Jessie Kozack, (back row) Justin Pritchard and Marty Robinson, Director of ReStore Support with Habitat for Humanity Canada.
Port McNicoll Update

Our Port McNicoll home renovation is well underway thanks to a great crew of volunteers. We would like to say a big thank you to Jeff and Robin for taking the lead on this project. They have been there at every turn.

The majority of the cleaning and painting has been completed while a few small-scale jobs still remain. Announcement of a  partner family for the home is just around the corner and we are thrilled  by the volunteer and community support we've received so far.

Thank you to our volunteers on the site and to our Chapter members for their continued hard work and dedication!
Save the Dates

We have several events already scheduled for this year, run by our Chapter Committees and third party groups. So mark your calendars or contact us to get involved!

June 11th - Band on the Run in support of Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North

June 16th - Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North Golf Classic presented by North Granite Ridge Golf Club

June/July - Women Build Bracebridge

July 2nd - Parry Sound Chapter's Annual Giant Yard Sale and Auction

July 15th - North Bay and Blue Sky Region Chapter Golf Tournament

September 12th - Parry Sound Chapter Golf Tournament at Rocky Crest Golf Club

October 1st - Amazing Race, North Bay and Blue Sky Region Chapter
Quote of the Week

"People are yearning to be asked to use the full measure of their potential for something they care about." - Dan Pallotta

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