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HFH Gateway North News 22.01.2016

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* Espanola Build Update
* Midland ReStore Renovation
* Sudbury ReStore
* Save the Date
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* Habitat Canada has launched the Brick for Brick Campaign. 1 in 5 Canadian families are living in unstable homes. But little by little, a brick for brick, you can help bring stability to the lives of many children from low income families. Because you're not just helping us put a roof over their head, you're helping us put the ground beneath their feet. For full details on the campaign
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Hello Habitat Gateway North!

Since last Saturday's Board Meeting, I have spent a lot of my week in meetings of all different sorts. Board meeting, staff meeting, management meeting, chapter meeting. Each meeting had one common identifiable thread: excitement.

From meeting to meeting, there was tangible excitement and enthusiasm from attendees. Whether it was the Board of Directors discussing mortgage models, the Muskoka Chapter sharing their upcoming involvement with the Gravenhurst Winter Carnival, the build update from Espanola (amazing progress in down right cold conditions!) or management's discussion of the construction project plan for 2016, each meeting had its fair share of passion.

As David will share, some important decisions were made at the most recent board meeting. However, just as important is a local chapter's decision to jump on an opportunity to run an event in coordination with the local community. Decisions, big or small, usually require a dedication of resources - time being a major one. Habitat for Humanity's mission is "to mobilize volunteers and community partners in building affordable housing and promote homeownership as a means to breaking the cycle of poverty." Partnership goes both ways and we at Habitat need to be active members of our community, contributing time to our community just as we ask community members to give time to our committees and build projects.

As we journey forward into 2016, I can feel the excitement catching. The positive decisions made in meetings this week and beyond are what allow us to dedicate resources (time, money and hard work) to reach our goals as an organization and as engaged community members.

Be well, do good deeds and keep in touch,

From the CEO's Desk

In last week’s newsletter, I alluded to the remarkable level of activity we’ve seen in the first weeks of the New Year. I also mentioned the Board of Directors would be meeting last Saturday and I anticipated a couple of decisions that would shape the direction of HFHOGN for the years and generations to come.

Rather than go on at length in this week’s newsletter, I’ve put together a longer update that can be found on our website at (click here).

I invite everyone, but particularly our dedicated Chapter volunteers, to read this update. I’m looking forward to visiting with our Chapter committees in the weeks immediately ahead to discuss the exciting changes and plans for 2016. In the interim, I’m always up for comments, concerns and suggestions by phone (705-646-1016 x6).

Have a great week,

Espanola Build Update

Construction continues in Espanola! The deep freeze curtailed backfilling and meant we needed some hay! Local Menonites obliged and gave us a great deal on hay to protect the footings. Approximately 75 bales of hay were used to keep things cozy during the chill.

The Espanola crew has made wonderful progress this week on the trusses for the duplex. The trusses on the both the left and right sides are up as well as the small rooves over the entranceways. Kudos to the volunteers and Jeff for keeping things going during this chilly weather.

For more great photos and regular progress updates check out our website or the Espanola Build Facebook page.
Midland ReStore Renovation

WOW - what a week! The Midland ReStore has undergone a much-needed facelift. A huge shout out to Lori and Lisa who put up with me throughout the process and many thanks for all their hard work and patience.

Although I just welcomed Tom to the team recently, he has already proven invaluable. When I was painting the store at 2 a.m., Tom was right beside me working just as diligently. When I was painting at 6 a.m., so was Tom. Who said all-nighters are just for university! Thank you so much Tom!!

I could not have done this renovation without the support of my staff. Their knowledge and willingness to assist is what helped us reach the finish line. Although there is always more to do the store is now fresh, bright and clean. Bring on the spring rush!

Marg Hamelin
ReStore Manger - Midland
Sudbury ReStore

This week, the "Good Samaritan Award" goes to John! A customer had a flat tire in our parking lot (thanks to the crazy pot holes in the Sudbury area!). John went the extra mile with customer service, helped  fix her flat and get her on her way. 
Sudbury ReStore

Alex (below right), a great volunteer at the Sudbury ReStore worked his last day this week. We are sad to see him go but Alex did a great job volunteering while he was here.

S A V E   T H E  D A T E!

June 23, 2016

F   O   R    E

The Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North Golf Classic
Presented by
North Granite Ridge Golf Club

For more information, contact:
Hilary Kellam at: 705-646-0106x205 or OR
Graham Polmateer (North Granite Ridge)
Quote of the Week

"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions." - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

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