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HFH Gateway North News 12.18.2015

Santa Claus at the ReStore

Santa Claus dropped by for photos last Saturday December 12th and took a moment to pose with (top photo) Administrative Assistant Hilary Kellam, ReStore Manager Jessie Kozack and Community Development Officer Kevin Manley. ReStore Manager Jessie also got some love from Charms (below, right) while Sales Associate Darlene Cushman chatted with Santa.

Thanks to Jessie, Hilary and the Bracebridge ReStore Team for getting everything setup and ready for Santa! Special thanks to Santa for making time in his busy schedule to stop by the ReStore.

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* Santa Claus at the ReStore
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* Donating to the ReStore

* Christmas Gift Wrapping
* Quote of the Week
The Newsreel: Quick Facts to Keep You Informed!
* Our ReStores will be closed on Christmas Day (December 25th), Boxing Day (December 26th) and New Year's Day (January 1st). All other days are regular hours. Wishing everyone joy and good cheer for the holidays!
* Habitat Canada has launched the Brick for Brick Campaign. 1 in 5 Canadian families are living in unstable homes. But little by little, a brick for brick, you can help bring stability to the lives of many children from low income families. Because you're not just helping us put a roof over their head, you're helping us put the ground beneath their feet. For full details on the campaign
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Hello Habitat Gateway North!

With the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, I have to admit I've spent the past week and a half rewatching the first six episodes in my spare time. What can I say? I like to be prepared and do my research. As I spent many hours rewatching the saga (I multi-tasked and wrapped Christmas presents at the same time - go me!) I noticed the multiple layers of messages in each film (and some cheesy moments but we'll forgive that).

I know I'm not the first to think this, but how does an epic space opera have valuable lessons for our current world? Well, there are quite a few actually, but I'll focus on the top three.

1. I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends.
Throughout the saga, all of the characters take turns putting themselves on the line to help each other. They trust each other, and they believe in each other, so they are more than willing to step up when the time comes. Even further than that, they're a team and they work together to save the galaxy.

At Habitat we are always mentioning the benefits of building and maintaining partnerships and relationships with volunteers, donors and supporters. Our partners make it possible for us to build homes and run ReStores. No one person is greater than the rest of the team because we are all needed to break the cycle of poverty (or defeat the dark side if you're a Jedi Knight).

2. Know The Plan.
While there is always an element of surprise (luck, uncertainty, whatever you want to call it), it is critical to have a strategy in place before you can begin. It took a lot of planning to blow up the Death Star, and even though they maybe didn't get it right the first time, they regrouped and worked as a team (using The Force) to achieve their goal. Planning is definitely not a one-time task but it's important to know what success looks like as you move forward.

3. "Much to learn you still have." - Yoda
Whether you're a Jedi Padawan or a Jedi Master, the universe is constantly changing and there will always be new things on the horizon. Much the same, we all need to remember there is something to learn from everyone, no matter their age, gender, religion. You can learn just as much from a 10 year old as you can from a 90 year old, as long as you're willing to listen. Knowledge goes both ways - your developed skills are just the skills someone else is trying to hone. Sharing your skills and knowledge is a must!

Well be, good deeds do and in touch keep,

From the CEO's Desk

The outset of the Christmas season often makes me think back to doing the Dale Carnegie public speaking course in Ottawa in the mid-‘80s. I was in a group of about 40 people, each of whom would stand twice and speak for two minutes during each session.

The program didn’t really teach much about public speaking - as I continue to so adroitly demonstrate - but over the course of 14 weeks, it exposed you to something in the neighbourhood of 1,100 glimpses into the personal lives of your classmates. It was the dawning realization that, at our core, we’re all the same – the same aspirations, fears, desires – that made it easier every week to take one’s turns at the front of the room.

But there was a little bit more to it than that.

The first time we were called on to speak, it was to introduce the person sitting next to us. The subject was just about as safe as it could be. Thereafter, the topics grew more rawly personal with each passing week. It was their sequencing that still fascinates me.

One week, we had to slam the podium with rolled-up newspapers while we spoke of something that made us angry (of course, the theatrics diluted any real anger). Only later, were we asked to speak of something that made us feel sad. And only after that, and only at the end of the course, were we called on to say something positive about a subset of our classmates.

Who da’ thunk the most courageous form of public speaking is speaking publically and positively about others?

I think part of what we call the Christmas spirit is an unfortunately fleeting societal reconnection with that courage: the courage to greet each other with a smile, to hold a door for the person behind, to yield the right-of-way to the other driver.

 “There are a million stories in the big city,” an older friend of mine likes to say, quoting the intro to the classic Dragnet TV show. I think Christmas gives us the courage to remember there’s really only one.

Have a great week,

Volunteering at ReStore is an exciting and rewarding way to help local families in your community. What will you experience at ReStore? You'll meet new people, use your skills and have fun doing it!

ReStore volunteers help customers find treasures, stock shelves, accept donations, fix items and more. All of our ReStore lcoations are currently searching for volunteers!

Volunteer with us in:

  • Bracebridge/Gravenhurst - 1964 Muskoka Beach Rd.
  • Huntsville - 3 Crescent Rd.
  • Midland - 253 Whitfield Cres.
  • Orillia - 1-3835 Campbell Rd.
  • Sudbury - 444 Barrydowne Rd.

If you'd like to get involved, contact us today.
Donating to 

Do you have new or gently used building materials or home improvement items that you want to part with? If you have items you're willing to donate, please consider ReStore. Proceeds cover Habitat for Humanity's fundraising administration costs, so that every dollar donated to the charity goes directly towards building homes and serving families.

Can't drop off items? We can pick up items from your home or business. Contact us to arrange a pickup.

We regularly pick up donations in:
Bracebridge |  Gravenhurst  |  Huntsville  |  Orillia  |  Midland  |  Sudbury

We periodically pick up donations in:
North Bay  |  Parry Sound  |  Espanola

Items we can accept as donations:
  • Appliances: washers, dryers, stoves, fridges (9 years old or under)
  • Antiques
  • Bathtubs: claw foot, acrylic (we cannot accept rusted tubs)
  • Cabinets
  • Flooring (we can only accept new flooring)
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Lumber: clean with no nails
  • Moldings
  • Plumbing fixtures (no toilets please)
  • Furniture: dressers, tables, kitchen chairs, etc.
  • Tools (hand & powered)
Christmas Gift Wrapping

On Wednesday December 23rd Staff and Volunteers from HFH Ontario Gateway North will be wrapping presents for donations for our local build projects! We'll be at the Huntsville Place Mall from 1pm until 9pm. For those of you who don't like wrapping presents or are last minute shoppers, this is the perfect opportunity for you!

We would also like to extend a big thank you to our business and community partners, Rexall Pharma Plus - Bracebridge, Canadian Tire - Bracebridge, Home Depot - Bracebridge and Home Depot - Huntsville for donating many rolls of wrapping paper.
Quote of the Week

"Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all surround yourself with those who see greatness within you." - Jim Rohn
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