Thursday, January 22, 2015

Name change: Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North

This blog was begun when I visited and supported the Bala Habitat for Humanity build, the Patty Parsons Project. Here are my posts:
 Patty Parsons Project (143)

I visited daily, by the end of the build, and took hundreds of photos. My daughter, breastfeeding her infant at the time, did a day's work there. I became fast friends with those who became involved in our small town of Bala.

Volunteers Duncan and Fred; Emily, our house recipient, puts in sweat equity.
Friends sent me photos, as they continued to build in other cities.
As of September 2014, Habitat for Humanity Muskoka legally changed its name to

  Habitat for Humanity Ontario Gateway North 

They have  amalgamated with several other affiliates in the region: Orillia Lake Country, North Simcoe, North Bay and Blue Sky Region and Sudbury District.

I was just informed of this fact today!
This wonderful archive of photos taken by myself and my friends, reflect the energy and dedication of those volunteers who believe in this cause.

Congratulations to all those who have participated in Habitat for Humanity Muskoka and will continue to be served by Habitat in its new iteration.