Friday, October 26, 2012

Volunteer Today!

Volunteer Today!

What are you doing this week?: We want to extend our invitation to you! We want you to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity! We could always use more caring people at our Build Site, Committee Groups or at one of our ReStores!

Thanks to Trillium

They made our North Muskoka ReStore possible with their generous gift!

Our Team

 We would like the thank our summer student Kylie Wurdell for putting Habitat for Humanity Muskoka on the social media map. Also to David Daleman for keeping us on track with our finances. Kylie did such an incredible job and we wish her all the best this coming year at school at Laurier University. David now moves on to an accounting firm in Bracebridge and we hope he continues to play his 80s music there too!

New Development

We are proud to also introduce our newest hire: Nick Wojcicki, as part of grant received from FedNor, Nick is in charge of economic development. We are very excited to bring him aboard!

Polar Bear Dip

Polar Bear Dip

The Huntsville Polar Bear Dip Is coming on January 1st, 2013! We are proud to announced that the event will support Habitat Muskoka! Join in on the dip!

Habitat News!

ReStore Grand Opening

Our Brand new ReStore is Open! We are thrilled to announce our North Muskoka ReStore in Huntsville is finally open! With a grant received from the Trillium Foundation we were able to open our second ReStore in Muskoka! Check outPhotos and the Local Press for the Grand Opening event!

Huntsville Build Framed and Insulated

Our volunteers and construction crew are putting some excellent work into the Huntsville Build! We are excited to be starting drywall very soon, and in no time we will have the homes ready for the families!

ReStore Report

New Items found in the ReStore! New and exciting items are always found in both ReStores, even later on the same day we can get things in. Come by and check out what kind of items you can add to your home!

Silent Auction: October
(all bids must be made in person)

This Auction may be silent, but it can create quite an atmosphere: This month at the silent auction we have 1992 Toronto Blue Jay Collectable Cards and Pictures. Check out some of the auction material at the South Muskoka ReStore and the North Muskoka ReStore! Other items inclue Antique ShipsSanta Claus and a Vintage Dresser!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

1. Huntsville Build October 12th - FYCSM!

Today, a crew came from FYCSM. Corporate teams gain a great deal from working on Habitat builds. I've seen some woderful teams during the time I've been involved in Habitat Muskoka!
Marks Work Warehouse teams had a grand time in Bala, Ontario in 2010.
I visited the Huntsville build and saw another team just finishing for the day.
Fear Frank, the Elf King, gave them a terrific debriefing, thanking them for their work and pointing out that while they only had a small part in the entire home, every brick, every 2 x 4, all goes to move the project further.
I first met Frank during the Delta Resorts Muskoka Build.