Thursday, July 26, 2012

The heat has been no obstacle for our volunteers!

 After working up a sweat (but no blood and tears, thank goodness), our team has accomplished everything from laying concrete footing to putting in sub-flooring. With each day, it becomes easier to visualize a safe, decent home in the midst of all the concrete and timber, and we are impressed with the efforts and commitments by our volunteers.

In the past three weeks, those on site have received ample support from the local community in a variety of forms. Campers of Affinity Consulting who require daily special needs have been supporting our team every Friday with their homemade cookies and fresh lemonade, and have been cheering on our volunteers with their DIY "outdoor decor projects". Other local services have generously contributed some volunteer fuel as well, with week-long meal donations from The Butcher's Daughters, Schat Bakery & Cafe, and Deerhurst Resort. Other food donors providing their support throughout the build include Fresh Co., Walmart, Metro and Pizza Pizza, all of Huntsville. Also helping us put faith into action is Muskoka Community Church. After raising $692.00 through the Sky Terminal concert this past June, they have continued their efforts by joining us for a Muskoka Community Church Habitat Build Day, experiencing a day in the life of a Habitat build volunteer. Rob, Martin, Rick, Rich and Myles, in concert with Irene, Sherry, Emma and Peter (see photo) spent the big day nailing, lifting and positioning floor joists, stapling typar wrap, and preparing the firebreak that will be placed in the flooring between the two homes. Our next "special guests" are from the Huntsville Fire Department, and they will be joining us this weekend to help with the framing.

Furthermore, we have been fortunate to have the helping hands of some volunteers from our 2008 build project in Huntsville, as well as experienced construction workers, both whose skills and knowledge are shared to help the build run smoothly. There are volunteers who have little to no experience, but they keep coming back for more action, which is fantastic to see! On a side note, people on site are also looking forward to getting a container to store all their handheld items.

We are truly blessed to be able to partner with such wonderful members of the Muskoka community, and we thank them for all they have done to make this build possible.
While we do enjoy working with such a supportive group, we become a little more excited for the final product as the build stages progress.

Once the duplex is complete, we will have established our 13th and 14th homes since our first build in 2003, and will be another step further in our goal towards breaking the cycle of housing poverty. More importantly, this building will bring such positive opportunities for the two partnering families, and we are more than pleased to have our hands up for them.

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