Monday, June 18, 2012

Muskoka Announces Two New 2012 Huntsville Homeowner Families

Huntsville, ON – Board and staff members of Habitat for Humanity Muskoka gathered at the site of the 2012 Huntsville build along with future homeowner families, the Martins and the Prossers to take a look at the site of their new two-home build scheduled for 2012. Both families are excited and eager to get a head start on their 500 hours of sweat equity.

“Providing a ‘hand up’ – that’s what this Habitat project is all about!” said Habitat for Humanity Muskoka Board Construction Chair, Don Taylor. “We are excited to be partnering with the community of Huntsville to help our homeowner families prepare for a successful future through affordable home ownership.” “People have often heard of Habitat for Humanity but don’t realize that we’re working to build affordable housing right here in Muskoka,” continued Taylor. “It’s about working to break the cycle of poverty through affordable home ownership…one house, and one family at a time.”

Habitat for Humanity homes are affordable because families pay an interest-free mortgage that is amortized to 25 percent of their income. In order to qualify for a home, a family must meet three requirements:
• They must meet the income guidelines and show that they will be able to pay a zero percent interest mortgage once the house is completed
• The family must show a willingness to partner…that means they must contribute 500 sweat equity hours to the building of their home
• The third requirement is an assessment of need

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