Monday, February 13, 2012

Daily Log February 10, 13, 2012 Daily Log February 10, 13, 2012

Who was on site
Larry, Doug, Roy, Emily and Vince Tyler from Muskoka Air, Union Gas, McKenzie Aluminum and Vinyl.

What Happened 
We are complete with everything, which makes us ready for our occupancy inspection first thing this week and then the big clean can happen. The furnace and gas hook ups were successful on Friday. Mike McKenzie’s guys installed the eavestrough on Friday.

What next
We will be painting the remaining basement floors on our way out, as well, the carpet stair runner will be installed Tuesday. We are having our occupancy inspection Tuesday, as well, then DONE (till grading the site in the spring).
Still Needed
The occupancy permit. Sump pump will be going in Friday, or Monday. 

Many people have come together to keep this project moving forward, many thanks to 
you all. 
Further down the road                         
We will still need to do our final site grading and topsoil and seed in the spring.
All tools required are on site. We have our new saw.
Food and Drink
As per schedule.
Many thanx to our food teams, Especially to Mary Grey of Gravenhurst who continues to go beyond all expectations.

My thoughts
As a first timer with a Habitat Build this is truly great to witness and be a part. My, sincerest thanks to you all. We are done, it’s looking great. Wow people talk about stepping up to the plate, Larry and Doug my sincerest thanks, both of your dedication to this project goes above and beyond volunteerism. Roy boy, the paint toy, we thank you as well for staying the course and seeing this through. THANK YOU THANK YOU ALL!

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