Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Daily Log January 23&24, 2012

Who was on site
Larry, Doug, Roy, Duncan, Emily, Doug’s wife Katherine, Roy, Alex, Marj, Dorothy, Henry and Vince.

What Happened
We are nearing completion with many things, the closet doors are being hung, the toilets and sinks are installed as well as our water heat recovery units, Larry cut the counter tops with confidence for the sinks. Much door painting continues, clean up was done, as we had a considerable amount of cardboard building up. The light fixtures went in unit 519. The water is now on in both units with both bathrooms and kit sinks working, lot’s of nail hole filling and paint paint paint.

What next
More paint (details, details), closet shelves, furnace hook up to gas.

Still Needed
The carpet runner for the stairs will be done on our way out the door at the end, occupancy permits.

Many people have come together to keep this project moving forward, many thanks to you all.

Further down the road
We should be complete in the coming weeks, We will still need to do our final site grading and topsoil and seed in the spring.

All tools required are on site. We have our new saw.

Food and Drink
As per schedule
Many thanx to our food teams Especially to Mary Grey of Gravenhurst who continues to go beyond all expectations

We will be requesting our occupancy permit’s in the next two weeks or so, final’s will not be until spring as the gas trenches [ 1 | 2 ]were just done pre Christmas. Which meant we could not finish our final driveway grading.

My thoughts
A huge thank you to all of you for your continued dedication to this worthy project, Thank you Darren from Muskoka Exteriors, Greensides thanx for the light, Muskoka air for the ducting Thank you Muskoka Cabinets for awesome work We are in the home stretch now ha ha things should click in to place A wonderful camaraderie has developed with many of our regular volunteers, I think some lasting friendships have developed. As a first timer with a Habitat Build this is truly great to witness and be a part of my Sincerest Thanks to you all

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