Thursday, December 8, 2011

Daily Log December 7, 2011 -more photos from Emily!

 More photos to shed some light on the project! Go, Emily, go! The count down is on!

Original ceiling finish by Jesse.

Bedroom #2!

Extreme painter Roy painting my bedroom in Hocus Pocus.

Larry made shelves to put painted trim on to dry

Who was on site
Larry, Doug, Emily, Jesse, Mike, Roy, Chris, Peter, Rick, Jack and Vince (Project Manager – reporting).

The professionals

From Muskoka Exteriors, Darren; Greenside Electric, Dave and Steve;  Aecon was on site.

What Happened 
Dec. 7 digging!
Digging for the gasline!
closet and doorway. Dec. 7, 2011
The siding team is nearly finished. Paint colours are started on one side (519). Electricians gave us some light and switches.  Trims (baseboards) for all rooms were picked up today and on site, with racks made by Larry in the basement for trim painting. The gas lines were dug in to the house from the curb.
40' trench for the gasline

What next
Full on Mudding and Taping should be complete late this week and off to priming.
We now have casing on site window returns and door frames on site shortly baseboard will be picked up wed am now on site.

Still Needed
The Finish paint is to be ordered for 517   The window returns material and trim will be brought on site  The door jambs will be picked up next week and doors ordered or p/u.

Many people have come together to keep this project moving forward, many thanks to you all.  Some more people in the finish carpentry area would be helpful.

Further down the road
The siding team will get started with trims and mouldings.
Entrenched in the project!
The flooring is on site and anxiously awaiting the painting to be done  Doors will be ordered and Frame (jamb) material picked up.

The drywall lift for ceilings has been returned. All tools required are on site.

Food and Drink
As per drywall schedule.
Many thanx to our food teams Especially to Mary Grey of Gravenhurst who continues to
go beyond all expectations
We are all up to date.
My thoughts
Bedroom taking shape
A huge thank you to all of you for your continued dedication to this worthy project, especially Larry Fernly who comes every day and has made this project his own and Dorothy and Marj who have come weekly since the beginning.

 Thank you Darren from Muskoka Exteriors, Greensides thanx for the light,  Muskoka air for the ducting.

 A big thank you must be put out there to dedicated Doug who is there first every day and strives to help where ever he is able. Thanks to all!

Roy pauses for a photo-op!

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