Thursday, November 10, 2011

Daily Log: Nov. 9th

Who was on site 
Larry, Rick, Jim, Bill, Steve, John, Doug, Emily and Vince

What Happened 
The drywall is progressing well, the boarding is nearing completion and full taping is under way We passed our inspection of the firewall insulation Larry started the front stairs.

What next 
A bit more and the main floor will be boarded completely, the taping is progressing well. Thank you Jesse for continuing the taping and mudding clinic.
Sound proofing of the fire/party wall between units, we have tracked down the illusive “party wall” sound proof insulation, it’s going in Tuesday. Yay! Done and we await

Wednesdays inspection, we passed

Still Needed 
The primer through Home Depot Volunteers Many people have come together to keep this project moving forward, many thanks to you all. Currently we have who we need for drywall boarding. Some more expertise would be helpful with the taping and mudding of the drywall. Thank you volunteers for today’s d.wall moving extravaganza.

Further down the road 
The siding team will get started as soon as the illusive siding colour is available.
The cement pads can be poured outside. These are now complete.

The drywall lift for ceilings has been returned. All tools required are on site.

Food and Drink 
As per drywall schedule Many thanx to our food teams. Especially to Mary Grey of Gravenhurst who continues to go beyond all expectations

We are all up to date. Next week with some shipping luck we can have the sound proofing in our fire/separation wall inspected and no longer be able to pass through from side to side without using a door.

My thoughts 
We have graduated to the walls with the drywall. Thank you to all who helped to complete the ceiling board, not an easy task. Go team. *** Jesse is awesome at taping and teaching some tricks to our team of skilled regular volunteers.

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