Monday, October 24, 2011

Walls showing much progress

Daily Log October 24, 2011

Who was on site
Lyle H, new lad Jesse (pro drywaller) Emily M, Doug P and Vince

Great photos, Emily! Thanks for posting them.

What Happened
More drywall applied on the ceilings

What next
More drywall, more drywall and then more drywall

Still Needed
Kitchen finals, Paint colours and trim. We have finalized a kitchen contractor.
A shade for floor colour , construction heaters for taping of Drywall.

The usual suspects to continue the ceilings on the main floor.  More volunteers would be useful with full on drywall beginning very soon.

Further down the road
The siding team could get started.
The cement pads can be poured outside.
Trim may be painted on site in basements.

Flooring shades have been chosen, can be ordered.
Need construction heaters for heat and curing the drywall mud.

Food and Drink
As per drywall start up schedule
Many thanx to our food teams

We are all up to date.

My thoughts
It is amazing how people come through for us out of nowhere.  As well how our troops
instantly change from the plan and roll with sudden changes. Many THANX  to you all
Go drywall team go, ceilings are no fun.

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