Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Time for a bath!

Daily Log October 12, 2011

Who was on site
Larry, Fred, Alex, Doug, Rick, Emily and myself (Vince)

What Happened
The troop started doing Vapour Barrier of the main floor ceiling in advance of drywall.
The tubs arrived during morning coffee and some special sawzall work took place to get them in the bathrooms, thanks gang.
The team from Great Northern Insulation applied the spray foam yesterday afternoon and must have pulled a late shift, many thanks Bill Gee and workers.

What next
Veridian should be hooking up the hydro this week, with all in order.
Vapour barrier and Insulation start on the main floor ceilings.
Kitchen orders will be nailed down soon (no pun intended).

Still Needed
Kitchen finals, Paint colours and trim.

The usual suspects to start the ceilings on the main floor.

Further down the road
The siding team could get started.
The cement pads can be poured outside.

All good until we rent drywall lifts and screw guns, now rented and in use.

Food and Drink
As per drywall start up schedule.

My thoughts

The whole group really stepped up this morning in order to get the tubs in the houses.
Thank you all for your ingenuity and perseverance. Drywall shall begin tomorrow.

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