Thursday, October 6, 2011

Side doors, foam, inspection...

Daily Log October 5, 2011

Who was on site
LARRY, ALEX, EMILY, VINCE (site manager) and Dave and Steve from Greensides Electrical.
And a visit from Muskoka Cabinets re: kitchens.
Gravenhurst Plumbing and Heating

What Happened
Larry diligently worked on the side door openings in order to make them work for the doors. Alex, the keenest to learn guy I have met, worked away on making sure the exterior strapping was ready for siding. Ever-faithful Emily was there keeping us tidied. Dave and Steve arrived around 2:30 to wait out the electrical inspector. As well the foam (insulation) guys were going to get a start around 3:00 ish. The fellows from Gravenhurst Plumbing and Heating came by and installed the outside spigots.

Crew: Aug. 30 / photo: Emily
What next
Hopefully we passed our inspection and we can move forward with the rest of the insulation. Soon we can vapour barrier the main floor ceiling and do the nasty 5/8 dry wall ceiling.

Still Needed
The HRV guys should be starting Thursday. The kitchen quotes are moving along. The siding troop is close to starting.

We are still in a holding pattern while waiting for inspections, volunteers will be notified as we pick up speed again. Which as of today  inspection), look out Tuesday.

Further down the road
Drywall taping in a few weeks, with luck and determination. The start of the siding on the exterior.

All good until we rent drywall lifts and screw guns.

Electrical on Wednesday

My thoughts
I truly cannot say enough about Larry and his dogged determination for things to be done right and to move forward, THANX Larry. Alex and Emily worked away with the determination to make things move forward, again Thanx. Dave and Steve came through to meet the inspector. I believe we are getting back up to the pace previously set. (Risky statement, I know)

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