Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A rose between two thorns!

Thanks to Emily for taking photos and sharing them!
Daily Log October 11, 2011
Duncan, Emily, Fred - August, 2011

Who was on site
Larry, Fred, Alex, , Dorothy, Marj, and myself (Vince).
And welcome back Doug P.

What Happened
Some more odds and ends were taken care of. As well the spray foam insulation guys started today. Thanks to Great Northern Insulation.

What next
  • Veridian should be hooking up the hydro this week.
  • Vapour barrier and Insulation start on the main floor ceilings.
  • Tubs were found thanks to Gravenhurst  Plumbing and Electric and heating.

Still Needed
Kitchen finals, paint colours and trim.

The regulars to start the ceilings on the main floor.

Further down the road
The siding team could get started
The cement pads can be poured outside.

All good until we rent drywall lifts and screw guns.

Food and Drink
As per drywall start up schedule.

We are up to date

My thoughts
We are now ready to go head long into drywall. Thanks to all thus far.

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