Thursday, October 6, 2011

Many hands make light work

Daily Log October 6, 2011

Who was on site?
Larry, Fred, Alex, Janice, Steve, Dorothy, Marj, Emily and myself (Vince).

What Happened
Many small tasks (small in size) large in importance were taken care of. Larry and Fred continued with the side door extravaganza, such determination good work fellas. From yesterday’s hydro inspection => we PASSED, soon to be powered up, yeah.

What next
Bill Gee and the spray foam guys are scheduled in for Tues. Afternoon. We will work a morning shift with the odd jobs, but no one need be around while the spray foam is going on, nasty fumes and residual spray in the air.

Still Needed
We have yet to line up one piece tub units and will need real soon.
Sump pumps as well.
all hands on deck - Bala build photo

Wednesday we will need enough people to start the vapour barrier on the main floor
ceilings and then start some drywall.

Further down the road
The siding team could get started
The cement pads can be poured outside.

All good until we rent drywall lifts and screw guns.

Food and Drink
As many of our fine volunteers are taking a well deserved long weekend.

We are up to date

My thoughts
I truly cannot say enough about Larry and his dogged determination for things to be
done right and to move forward, THANX Larry, assisted by Fred, THANX. Alex, Marj,
Dorothy, Janice and Steve those little jobs really mean a lot THANk YOU to you all.

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