Thursday, October 27, 2011

From Emma, at the office, more photos!.

Here are some pics from last week (Oct. 20), when I was at the build site. I thought they could go up on the different social media outlets.

 Jenn if you could use them on the blog, Tom; Habitat's Facebook page, Twitter....thanks guys you do an awesome job!

Dorothy & Vince
 The woman is Sandi.
Dorothy & Vince

Peter & John

The drywalling of ceilings was being done and prep for the walls.

 It's been cooler and even though there the house is closed in, there isn’t any heat yet, so its chilly!

As always, the volunteers are thrilled to be enjoying lunches donated by the community!

Hot chilli, sandwiches, pizza, sweet much good food! What else to tell can still join us as a volunteer! There is lots to get done and we could use you, whether you have skills or not! Everyone is welcome and skills can be taught.
Lyle & Doug

   Thanks guys !

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