Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Construction Daily Log, Patty Parsons Build: Right on Shedule

Date: September 6, 2011

Rob Abbott reporting

On Site:
Volunteers:  Rob Melisa Abbott, Vince Nancy Boy Tourner
[Editor's note: this name calling comes from the hard hats... See the Brain Bucket post!]
Visitors: Nan was cutting the grass at Angel's home when we arrived.

Daily Log:      After the holiday weekend hieatus, we were well rested and ready to finish the shed.  One of us was more well rested than the others: Eoin Emily Thompson decided he needed more rest and decided to forego the shed for his bed.

On the way to the site I picked up some more grass seed and a trailerload of topsoil.  I spent most of the day (when I wasn't talking or otherwise avoiding real work) bending nails and battening down the battens on the shed and installed the last few roof shingles.  Nancy Boy Vince, finished and fit his custom-made doors and critter-proofed the eaves.

The shed is done, but I strongly recommend the homeowners paint or stain it.

A special thanks to: John Black and the Bracebridge and Muskoka Lakes Secondary School for building most of the shed; Go Lakers!; Vince for designing and assuming overall responsibility for it; and Eoin for helping us finish it.

Action/Follow-Up Items:
Rob: Return the borrowed boots and brain-buckets to the Delta Build site.  Note to Mike: I did this on the way home, but left them outside the garage.
Vince:  Rest, and thank John on behalf of HFHM.

Next Days/Week Plan:      
Wednesday (Sept 7) – Spread topsoil and re-seed 1014A.

Volunteer Requirements: None.

I picked up topsoil and seed on my way to site this morning.

Inspections:  Final grading once seed has taken.

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