Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Walls mean progress

Bala Build Walls

DAILY  LOG August 10, 2011

Who Was On-Site?
Larry, Mike, Rick, Judy, DougP, Michael O’Grady (Project Manager)

What Happened?
We got the two short outside walls (front and back) on 519 up, plumb and level, and we built some of the interior walls as well.

What Next?
Monday, August 8 – Saturday, August 13
More Framing!
Many thanks to Home Building Center for supplying our wall framing materials.
Gravenhurst Plumbing and Greenside Electric will do the plumbing, electrical and heating rough-ins.
Bill Gee of Great Northern Insulation has volunteered to provide us the labour to install the insulation
which he will provide at cost. He will also provide the truck to blow in the attack insulation once the
drywall is installed.

NEXT WEEK: Monday, August 14 – Saturday, August 20
Bala Build Walls!
Pour the concrete floors in the basement. Ready Mix Concrete will provide the concrete at cost and donate the truck and driver time.
IN TWO WEEKS: Monday, August 22 – Saturday, August 27
Trusses arrive on Monday. Jesse Campbell of Jesse Campbell Construction has volunteered to bring in his crew and install the truss roof system.Volunteers
Monday, August 8 – Saturday, August 13
8 Volunteers per day to complete framing and do site clean up
Monday, August 14 – Saturday, August 20
Volunteers needed who can pour a concrete floor
Monday, August 22 – Saturday, August 27
8 Volunteers per day

Monday, August 8 – Friday, August 12
Brooms, dust masks and garbage bags
Monday, August 14 – Friday, August 19
Wheelbarrows, rakes, shovels, gum-boots, floating trowels, whirliesFood and Drink
Many thanks to Oliver’s Coffee of Gravenhurst for providing us with their delicious coffee and muffins.
  Be sure and call 644-3138 around 8:30 a.m. for a final head count.

For framing
For plumbing, electrical and heating rough-ins
For insulation and vapour barrier
For occupancy and final

My Thoughts
I got a call before I left the house this morning from the people who have our drywall. “Where do want
the drywall delivered?” They asked me. I had no answer except to say that I don’t want drywall for probably 5 more weeks. So, I asked Bob Chamberlain of Chamberlain’s Tim-Br-Mart if he could store it for us. “Not a problem,” said Bob.
Bob and Doug and Rick Chamberlain, and all the staff at Chamberlain’s Tim-Br-Mart: a great bunch of guys and gals: the behind-the-scenes heroes of the Delta Muskoka Build.

Mike O'Grady
Construction Project Manager
1964 Muskoka Beach Road
RR 1 Gravenhurst ON P1P 1R1
705-646-0106 Ext 204
mike @

Editor's note: all photos are from the Bala Build, but they give you an idea of the construction process.

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