Monday, August 29, 2011

Shed it

Construction Daily Log, Patty Parsons Build:

Date: August 29, 2011

Rob Abbott reporting

On Site:
Volunteers: Rob Abbott, Vince Tourner, Ian, and for a short time, Don Evans.
Visitors: Nan stopped by; nothing escapes her notice.

Daily Log: Thanks to the ReStore staff and volunteers, they loaded the ReStore truck with the shed floors and walls build by the Bracebridge High Schoolers and had it ready for me to pick up this morning. Vince and Ian met me at the site. The skid-lids I'd pilfered from the Delta Build site had been personalized and labelled with the names of others, so Vince, Ian and I decided assume the names on our headgear for the day: Nancy, Emily, and Melissa, respectively.

It happens, and 2 volunteers who were scheduled couldn't make it. Nancy, Emily and I determined that unloading the shed floor section was physically beyond us. Fortunately, Dr. Don Evans came to our rescue, and with each of us taking a side, we managed to carry the shed floor to the backyard. Whole I went shopping, Nancy and Emily built the roof rafters.

My mother used to correct me: “Only horses sweat. Men perspire, and women glow.” Well, the afternoon sun was so hot, we were radiant; Nancy was downright super-nova. We managed to get the walls erected, the sheathing nailed on; even managing to hit on a few studs. Late in the afternoon, we got the roof rafters up, but had to stop because our nails were done; we ran out of nails.

Nan had a washing machine to be donated to the ReStore, so on our way home, we loaded it into the truck.

Next Days/Week Plan:
Tuesday- Roof sheathing, shingles, doors, window.

Volunteer Requirements: Nancy and Emily

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