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FIrewall, concrete floors, dedicated volunteers


August 19 & 20, 2011

Who Was On-Site?

On Friday -- Larry, Bill, Fred, Mike, George, Rick, DougP, Michael O’Grady (Project Manager)

On Saturday – Brad Williams and Chuck from Artistic Stone, Eddy and Trevor from Ready-Mix Concrete, Fred, Michael O’Grady (Project Manager)

What Happened?

Friday, August 19 – We got the fire-wall separating the two Roof Truss Systems 3/4 built and installed.

Saturday, August 20 – We poured the concrete floors in both basements. The day started out pretty
nice, so we began the pour. Then the clouds rolled in and it started to drizzle. No cause for alarm there.
Then it really started to rain heavy. Our floor systems kept out most of the water, but some water got
into the basements. We did not get as nice a finish on the floors as we had wanted, but we got the
concrete floors finished pretty decently.

What Next?

Monday, August 22 -- Jesse Cambell Construction will be on site installing the other Roof Truss System

Tuesday, August 23 – A crew of 12 is coming out from CMHC to frame up the front porch, build the
landings, and possibly stain the shed.

Wednesday, August 23 – Saturday, August 27 – These days will probably be spent in getting the framing finished, i.e. headers over doors, walls in the basement, backing for drywall. We will also need to complete the installation of the SMS Foam.

Also during this period we will need to get the shingles installed on the roof, and Mike Vettese of
Gravenhurst Bay Cottage Services has volunteered to install the roof shingles for free and to supply
them at below cost.

Many thanks to Mike Vettese of Gravenhurst Bay Cottage Services.
Many thanks to Jesse Campbell of Jesse Campbell Construction for volunteering his crew to install the
Roof Truss Systems.
Many thanks to Home Building Center for supplying our wall framing materials.
Many thanks to Bob Chamberlain of Chamberlains Tim-Br-Mart for his interest in our build and his
attention to detail.
Many thanks to Clyde McDuff of Ready Mix Concrete for providing the concrete at cost, and for sending out Eddy and Trevor to deliver the concrete and help with the pour.
Many thanks to Brad Williams of Artistic Stone, and to Chuck and Eddy and Trevor for working a long
hard day to get the two basement floors finished.
Many thanks to SMS Rentals in Bracebridge for supplying us with 2 (two!) concrete finishers.

Further on Down the Road

Phase 2 -- The next portion of the Build is to get the Building Envelope secured. This means letting
the licensed professionals in to do their thing. This Phase involves:
  • Roofers
  • Wind Barrier Installers
  • Window and Door Installers
  • Siding, Soffit and Flashing Installers
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Tin-bashers (HVAC guys)
  • Insulators

During this time the need for Volunteers is going to be decreased. Of course, everyone is welcome to
come out to the Site, but don’t be surprised or disappointed if there isn’t much to do. Hopefully this
phase will not last more than 2 weeks.

Phase 3 – This is the other portion of the Build where our wonderful hard-working Volunteers are once again in great demand. This Phase involves:
  • Drywalling
  • Trimwork and Doors
  • Painting (everybody’s favourite!)
  • Floor Installation (sheet goods, hardwood, carpet)
  • Cabinet Installation
  • Final Grading and Landscaping
  • Patting ourselves on the back for a job superbly done

Monday, August 22 – 8 Volunteers needed
Tuesday, August 23 – No Volunteers. This day is reserved for the Crew from CMHC
Wednesday, August 23 – Saturday, August 27 – 8 Volunteers per day.


Engineered Floor Systems, wall framing materials, Roof Truss Systems, SM Foam, skill saw, hammers, levels, squares, tape measures, tool belts, ladders, roof shingles.
Engineered Roof Truss Systems from Pioneer Trusses.
Sheathing, blocking and web-bracing for Roof Truss Systems from Chamberlain’s Tim-Br-Mart.
Wall framing materials from Home Building Center.
Windows and doors from Muskoka Windows and Doors.
Concrete floors in the basement from Ready Mix Concrete.

Food and Drink

Many thanks to Oliver’s Coffee of Gravenhurst for providing us with their delicious coffee and muffins.

Many thanks to Habitat for Humanity Muskoka for providing us with a delicious lunch.

Be sure and call 644-3138 around 8:30 a.m. for a final head count.

For framing
For plumbing, electrical and HVAC rough-ins
For insulation and vapour barrier
For occupancy and final

My Thoughts
Once again I am amazed and humbled by the dedication of our Volunteers. These wonderful people
come out to work in some brutal conditions. On Friday it was the intense heat. On Saturday it was not
only the pouring rain, but the daunting task facing two young men of having to pour over 20 meters of
concrete alone. There is nothing holding them to stay at the job. They are Volunteers and can come and
go as they please. Yet they stay. And they work hard. What else holds them to the task except their own
wills: the will to do a gracious act and to do it well, no matter the conditions, and without the pursuit of
any recognition. I have read about heroes. Now I have met some.

Mike O'Grady
Construction Project Manager
1964 Muskoka Beach Road
RR 1 Gravenhurst ON P1P 1R1
705-646-0106 Ext 204
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