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Delta Muskoka Resorts Build - 2011

DAILY  LOG JULY 11, 2011
Mike O'Grady reporting!

Who Was On-Site?
DougP, Fred, Roberta, Derek, Larry (carpenter), Chip & Dave (Gravenhurst Plumbing and Heating), Bill Gee (Great Northern Insulation), Michael O’Grady (Project Manager)

What Happened?
We stripped the footings and piled the form boards in the shed. Then we laid out the basement rough-ins for Gravenhurst Plumbing and Heating. Bill Gee from Great North Insulation dropped by and asked if he could do anything for us. I told him we would be most grateful if he insulated the 2x4 walls for us. He said he would ask his head office. Then Chip and Dave from Gravenhurst Plumbing and Heating dropped by and we made arrangements to get the basement rough-ins done for Wednesday. I dropped in to see Phil Williams on the way home and he said he would get a small excavator out there on Wednesday.

This is great, as our hook-ups will be complete. I talked with Terry and Stevenson Electric and with Peter at Greenside Electric. It was decided that Greenside would do the rest of the electrical as it was pointless to take out an extra permit for the pole to house installation when that was already included in Greenside’s permit. I did advise Peter that now was the time to get the service cable in for 519 so that we could backfill and not have to dig it up again. All agreed this was the best way to proceed.

What Next?
Tuesday and Wednesday; Gravenhurst Plumbing rough in the sewer lines.
Thursday is sling the stones into the hole, and deliver the block and mortar and masonry sand.
Friday is lay the blocks.
Monday, July 18; weatherproof the blocks.
Tuesday, July 19; begin installation of SM foam insulation on exterior of blocks, place O-pipe in hole
and place 12” of ¼ stone over all.
Wednesday until the end of the week is to complete the exterior insulation and backfill.
Thanks, Ellen, for the photo!
Monday,  July 25; begin framing.

Tuesday, July 12 – Gravenhurst Plumbing install rough in for sewers. No volunteers.
Wednesday, July 13 – Gravenhurst Plumbing install rough in for sewers. No volunteers.
Thursday, July 14 – Stone slinger in the morning. Delivery of blocks and mortar in the late afternoon. No volunteers.
Friday, July 15 –Len Crow Masonry is booked to build our foundation walls. We will need from 8 to 12 strong able-bodied people to carry the block, mix the mortar, and bring the mortar to the masons. Also, to set up and take down scaffolding. Total volunteers for the day will be somewhere around 20 (twenty). I will have a more definite number by the beginning of next week.
Monday, July 18 => Friday, July 22 – We will be applying the weather-proofing to the exterior of the
foundation wall. Brian Fitzsimmons has volunteered to spray the tar on the blocks. He has the spray machine, we supply the tar and varsol. After that we may apply the dimple-wrap, lay the weeping tiles, and cover them with drainage stone. Between the dimple wrap and the drainage stone we need to apply our first course of SM Foam sheathing. As we backfill we can apply the other courses. Volunteers
required will be posted as a more precise scheduling takes shape.

Once the knee-walls and flooring system is installed we can pour the basement floor.

For Friday, July 15, we will need to supply our volunteers with shovels and gloves (both of which are now on-site).
For Monday, July 18, we will need Foundation Tar and Varsol, Dimple Wrap, Socked O-Pipe, SM Foam (amounts, linear and square footage to follow).

The next inspection will be for the weeping tiles, drainage stones, and weather-proofing on the exterior
of the foundation walls.

My Thoughts
I am always in awe of the willingness of people to help make these Habitat Builds a success. Today was a hat-trick for that. Larry stopping by the site, just chomping at the bit to get at the framing. Then Bill just offering his services out of the blue. And then Terry saying that he definitely wanted to do more on the next Gravenhurst build and that if we had a list he wanted to be on it. These three persons, and all of the people I have met on this Habitat Build, give me pause to give thanks.

If ever your faith in humanity is flagging, just come out to a Habitat Build and have it restored.

Mike O'Grady
Construction Project Manager
1964 Muskoka Beach Road
RR 1 Gravenhurst ON P1P 1R1
705-646-0106  Ext  204

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