Friday, July 8, 2011

Delta Muskoka Resorts Build - 2011

Mike O'Grady reporting

Who Was On-Site?
Brian Fitzsimmons (Form Man Extraordinaire), Jack Young (Retired Surveyor), Phil Williams (CoonBros), Chester Klingshott (Gravenhurst Building Inspector), Doug and Mrs. Patterson (Good People), Martha Coburn (Health and Safety), Michael O’Grady (Project Manager)

What Happened?
Brian and I completed the forms. Jack dropped by to check our progress. Phil offered to put some sand back into our a-bit-too-deep hole. Martha gave us a bag of socks from Marks Work Wearhouse. Doug
popped in with his lovely Mrs. to ask about future volunteer requirements. Chester came by (a bit early) to inspect our forms.

What Next?
We have the concrete booked for Friday, July 8, at 9:30 a.m. It can set up over the weekend and we will have some mighty solid footings.
On Monday we can strip the wood from the forms. After that some
work needs to be done on the floor of the hole. Sand needs to be added to bring it up to 8” below the top of the footing. Then we need to get 6” of stone in there. Then we can get the blocks and blocklayers in to finish the foundation walls.


  • Friday, July 8 – We need one able-bodied person in addition to Brian Fitzsimmons and myself (total of 3) to get the concrete poured into the footings.
  • Monday, July 11 – We need two able-bodied persons in addition to myself (total of 3) to strip the wood forms from the footings.
  • Tuesday, July 12 – I hope to have CoonBros back on the site. No volunteers.
  • Wednesday, July 13 – I hope to get the stone-slinger in that day. No volunteers.
  • Thursday, July 14 – Catch-up day. No volunteers. Delivery of blocks and mortar in the late afternoon.
  • Friday, July 15 – This is the day I would like to book Len Crow Masonry to build our foundation walls. We will need from 8 to 12 strong able-bodied people to carry the block, mix the mortar, and bring the mortar to the masons. Also, to set up and take down scaffolding. Total volunteers for the day will be somewhere around 20 (twenty). I will have a more definite number by the beginning of next week.
  • Monday, July 18 – Friday, July 22 – We will be applying the weather-proofing to the exterior of the foundation wall. Brian Fitzsimmons has volunteered to spray the tar on the blocks. He has the spraymachine, we supply the tar and varsol. After that we may apply the dimple-wrap, lay the weeping tiles, and cover them with drainage stone. Between the dimple wrap and the drainage stone we need to apply our first course of SM Foam sheathing. As we backfill we can apply the other courses. Volunteers required will be posted as a more precise scheduling takes shape.


  • For Monday, July 11, we will need to supply our volunteers with hammers and pry-bars (2 of each).
  • For Friday, July 15, we will need to supply our volunteers with shovels and gloves (both of which are now on-site).
  • For Monday, July 18, we will need Foundation Tar and Varsol, Dimple Wrap, Socked O-Pipe, SM Foam (amounts, linear and square footage to follow).
The form inspection passed today.
The next inspection will be for the weeping tiles, drainage stones, and weather-proofing on the exterior of the foundation walls.

My Thoughts
Once again, I would like to thank everybody involved, especially those brave souls who showed up Wednesday morning and got the ball rolling. In particular I would like to thank Brian Fitzsimmons. He is a licensed Mason with a great and generous heart. His expertise in surmounting the difficulties we encountered was invaluable as is his continued support for the Muskoka Delta Build.

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