Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Delta Muskoka Resorts Build - 2011


The hole is dug.
We had to remove the two big maple trees straddling the property line. Many thanks to Coon Bros. for pulling guys off another job to take care of us.

Thanks go out to Brian, Chris, Mike, and of course to Phil Williams. (Sorry if I left anybody out.)

Tomorrow we start the forms. There are 5 volunteers, Doug P and me, for a total of 7.

The guarded secret that I can now disclose is that Jennifer G. will be BBQ-ing sausages for us for lunch. WOO-HOO! (Hope we can get back to work after such a great feed!
Which is why I am thinking the forming will take 2 days.)

The delivery of our forming material from Chamberlain’s will not be until about 11:00 a.m. That gives us time to do the layout, and, if there are willing hands, to get the picnic table and tent set up so we can eat that great lunch sitting down in the shade. (I am also hoping we have lots of sun so we need to sit in the shade.)

My hope is to get the forms inspected and the concrete poured for Friday.

That means on Monday, Len Crow and his blocklayers of renown can begin the foundation walls. I will contact Len and get a number of how many blocklayers will be there. I will also order the delivery of the blocks, mortar, ties, and masonry sand from Simcoe Block in Bracebridge.

Doug P can go ahead and book the hard working lads from Beaver Creek. Many thanks to Doug P.

We got boots,
we got hats.
We are the

Oooh Raah

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