Friday, July 1, 2011

Behind the scenes Delta Muskoka Build

Bracebridge Meeting Update 
 -resubmitting permits, grating plans (could have to shift the building) French drainage as a possible solution
 -Phil Williams excavator with Coon Brothers meet with construction coordinator.
 -Fence ready for installation once the whole is done. (orange and barrier fencing in shed)
 -Contact greenside and apply for building permit.
 -Rob will do the technical/ building permits -fence, shed and grass seed to go in at Bala

 Note* don’t just drop off material in the yard, cannot sell gift-in-kind at restore

 -mike wants a list of volunteers and materials
 -explain gift-in-kind meeting with Bernine
 -daily logs, food, weather delays .... -need to understand what is donated and what is bought
 -accounts with homehardware, home building centre
 -simcoe block could supply materials
 -make sure the purchase order or bill has a signature, legible printed name and print what the bill is for

 Next step of project 
 -Coon brothers, French draining and footings poured
 -get two pillars done with Len the blockwork guy
 -before the excavation make sure the port-a-potty is in (outside the fence on the neighbours property) 
-stevenson electric wants to help, inquire about GFI
 -inquire about setting up a lunch site on the neighbours yard
 -volunteers must park over at Andy Mitchell’s old office.
 -need storage for drywall.

Mike and Bernine
 -Contractor for the trusses and the roof
 -13 19 25 -
have a volunteer for the siding, the soffits, and the eves troughs

 Action items 
 -Ellen calling Frank
 -Mike contacts Len the Block guy
 -Habitat hats for lens crew
 -Mike to contact Chip, greenside, Phil Williams, Stevenson, the neighbours
 -Find garbage and recycling bins
 -Mike to figure out the neighbours $30 a month power bill payment
 -Emma contacted people to inventory build room
 -Mike to make a list of tools and inventory and what is needed.
 -need an extension ladder, step ladder
 -Emma check first aid kit

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