Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Patty Parson's Build Daily Log

After today's meetings at the Re-Store I drove off to Bala. It was raining, and I do have this thing about working with power tools in the rain, but I chanced it anyway. Good thing! Heather Sheppard showed up just after I arrived. I was installing the carriage bolts in the porches, which was good because she said she wanted them in there. (I told you she would, Rob.) After that I finished screwing down the deck-boards on the porches and stairs.
Anyways, the permit is all closed out as soon as I e-mail Heather the pictures I took of the drainage trench, which I just did 5 minutes ago. So, Rob should be receiving the sign off papers tomorrow by some electronic medium or other. I raked out a little more down the trench to level the stones with the surrounding fill.
I said good-bye to Angel and thanked her for giving us the honor and privilege to build her house for her. Becky wasn't home. I'm gonna miss them gals, but we is DONE DONE DONE.
Michael J O'Grady
Saint Judy Enterprises
Gravenhurst ON

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