Friday, June 24, 2011

Delta Resorts Muskoka Build - 2011

I had a great day today. I went into the Re-Store and lo and behold the Office Elves had come by last night and set me up an office in the Board Room! (Ok, I didn't get my shoes mended and there was no talking puppet, but I am still overflowing with gratitude.) 

Many thanks to Ellen and Allison and Derek and anyone else who participated in this wonderful event. I am eternally at your service.
After I left the Re-Store I picked up a copy of the grading plan from Tom Bunker, then I purchased 5 copies of the revised plans for 517 and 519 Muskoka Beach Road from Mark Jones. 
One I dropped off at Tim-Br-Mart for Doug Chamberlain.
 One I am keeping. 
One I have for Ellen. 
And two I dropped off at the Gravenhurst Building Department. 

Bobbi Lovering went over them with me, approved them on the spot, as well as the grading plan (she already had 2 from Tom), and now awaits only the schema for the floor joist system, the schema for the trusses (both of these from Doug C.), and some further information from Greenside Electric (whom I faxed the request to). Hopefully all that is in our possession by the middle of next week, and we will have the green light.
Phyllis at Greenside had an interesting question for which I will find out the answer from ESA tomorrow: How does the electrical permit thingy work when there are multiple electrical companies on the job? And another enigma I ran across in my meeting with Bernene this afternoon: What is a "Power Pipe" and who hooks it up? (I know that Rob knows the answer.)

I also called Stevenson's Electric, talked to Susan about the GFI, then made contact with the people at 515 Muskoka Beach Road, contacted the owner, got his approval, and faxed the contact information off to Susan (I will be sure and tell her where the owner wants the GFI located). Stevenson's will take out the permit for the installation of the GFI. They really want to be a part of this build, so I will fit them in wherever I can.
All in all it has been an exhilirating day.
Many thanks to everybody for making it so.

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