Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Daily Log, Delta Resorts Muskoka Build

Date: June 15, 2011

 Rob Abbott reporting 
 Site Supervisor: Rob
Volunteers: Gravenhurst High School Shop Teacher: Richard Snyder, and ten students who signed in, but I don't remember their names.

Visitors: Doug

 Daily Log
Bus driver Doug and Mister Snyder delivered truckloads of teenagers to finish the garden shed. They got the soffit boards on and trim done. Mister Snyder will return by himself at a later date to install the door. The roof is unshingled, but we put a tarp over it. We'll get it shingled with the homes.

 I forgot to cancel the lunches I'd arranged yesterday, so at 10:30 we had a whole luncheon delivered by one of the churches. Plus a pair of party-sized pizzas. I figured the raccoons were going to have feast of leftovers, but those ten teenaged boys lit into the buffet, and downed the two dozen drinks until there was only a single cube of watermelon and 2 sticks of celery left.

I'm thinking a gorge is an appropriate term for a group of teenaged boys.

 The shed, is without question, the best quality and built I've ever seen. All the students signed a board which they mounted in the rafters.

 I closed up the site around 11 AM and returned the scaffold to SMS.

 Action/Follow-Up Items: 
Rob: Site grading status.
New Project Manager: Build Committee meeting early next week to plan.
Vince: Follow-up with Bracebridge High School.

 Next Days: 
The next major item is the excavation, but I want to wait until we know for sure about the site grading plan and building permit.

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