Thursday, June 9, 2011

Daily Log, Delta Resorts Muskoka Build

Date: June 8, 2011
 Rob Abbott reporting (submitted photos)
 Site Supervisor: Rob

Volunteers: Gravenhurst High School Shop Teacher: Richard Snyder, and about a dozen students who signed in, but I don't remember their names.

Visitors: Doug and Emma

 Daily Log:
Before arriving at site, I picked up a slide hammer from SMS for the fence posts. Doug and Mister Snyder delivered truckloads of teenagers to erect the garden shed they pre-built in their shop class (though it's probably called industrial construction fabrication technology arts now and not “shop”). Anyway, they got the footing pads located and levelled and the four walls erected. I also got some to help me clear out some garbage and debris from behind and beside the garage. They had to return to classes around 11 AM.
 They plan to return Thursday to install the top plates and trusses.

 Friday, they will work on the roof sheathing and put the door in.

 At noon, Emma delivered a half dozen pizzas and cake for the crew from Crossroad Camp that were scheduled to help erect the barrier fence in the afternoon. However, they never showed up (I later learned that they were hit by a major storm and were hunkered down). I met the neighbour to the north (525). He rents from the owner (who lives in B.C.) but said we could locate the porta-potty on his property under the tress and we could also go across his property if necessary to retrieve the construction trailer.
 I gave him all the leftover pizza and cake.
 I also introduced myself to Doug, the property owner at the rear. His only concern is that he ask that we not play loud thumping music. I promised him we would add a couple of metal stakes to repair shore up the rotten wood posts directly behind the garage.
 I emptied the fencing from the trailer and loaded it up with leftover blocks and scrap metal and delivered it to the ReStore. I also picked up 2 sections of scaffold from SMS for them to work from (rather than ladders).

 Action/Follow-Up Items:
Rob: status of revised site grading plan and building permit re-submission. Return scaffold to SMS. Contact neighbour to south regarding use of power and water. Build Committee meeting early next week to plan.
Vince: Follow-up with Bracebridge High School

 Next Days:
 Thursday – GHS students return to work on shed
Friday: 9 – 11 GHS working on shed?? to be confirmed. Note: I won't be available to supervise Vince, can you?
Sat. - nothing
Monday – will depend if GHS still needs to finish the shed. Otherwise, I want to wait until we can schedule the excavator until we plan further work at site.

Some zip-ties, twine and scissors are in the garage to do the fencing.

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