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Date: 24/06/11

Mike O'Grady reporting 
(All photos are from the Patty Parsons Project, Bala Build, and/or Jenn Jilks, blog editor.)

Went over the Blueprints today.

Changed the location of the Washer and Dryer to the other side of the proposed laundry room. This allows us to put the Dryer Exhaust Vent 3’ from the side door.

The Furnace and the HRV are going to have to be located at the front of the Basement.
/Editor: HRV =  Heat Recovery Ventilator!
Their Intakes have to be at least 6’ from any Exhaust Vent (including their own).
flooring joists, Bala
Stevenson’s Electric want to donate some materials – bless their generous hearts!

Patty Parson Build Basement

I dropped by Chamberlain’s on my way back from Bala, and imparted to Doug C. our condolences. He assured me he would have the Floor Joist Layout and the Roof Truss Design by Wednesday of next week.
trusses for the Patty Parsons Build, 2010
For more trussing see: 'In Howard we truss'
(I love Rob's way with words, his puns are atrocious!
Editor: Jenn Jilks)

Those, and some further information from Greenside Electric, and Mr. Williams and his band of Merry Excavators, should be out on Muskoka Beach Road by the first week of July.
Merry Excavators, Gravenhurst, ON,
drive by shooting,
from the Home Hardware excavation 7/5/2009 

The revised Site Grading Plan, which the town of Gravenhurst has verbally approved, calls for a French Drain in each of the back yards.
French Drain image from Wiki -
/enquiring minds editor
That is a big hole filled with gravel that takes the water run-off and distributes it underground.
French drains are common drainage systems, primarily used to prevent ground and surface water from penetrating or damaging building foundations.
No worry for the Homeowners as it is covered with some topsoil and some nice green grass.

Volunteer Requirements:

I will be wanting some Volunteers who know how to do Concrete Forms early in July, possibly the second week.
And there is no time like the present to call upon the good will of any Cabinet Makers.

 We appreciate the esteemed services of all those who have volunteered for this Build.

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