Sunday, June 19, 2011

Construction Daily Log, Patty Parsons Build

 Date: June 17, 2011 Rob Abbott reporting

  On Site: 
Site Supervisor: Rob Abbott
  Volunteers: Samantha
  Contractors: Mike O'Grady
  Visitors: Of course nothing happens in Bala without Super Nan

SuperNan and Writer Robber
  Daily Log: It was a beautiful day...for boating, golfing or working on a tan. While Mike was working on the porches, his daughter, Sam, and I spread, raked and leveled the topsoil and worked on our sunburns and sweating off a few pounds of water. We got the front and back yards seeded and tool our sweet time setting and adjusting the sprinklers. I wheelbarrowed a trailer load of rocks and concrete from the back yard, but by the time I finished, the dump was closed so I left the trailer there and will deal with it Monday. Mike got 1014 porch set, but 1014A still needs to be rebuilt.

  Action/Follow-Up Items: 
Source tree for front yard
 Order lumber for fence – Rob

 Source contractor to repair porches – Rob and Brian

  Next Days/Week Plan: 
Monday – Mike should finish up the porches on Monday and I'll seed the sides We'll have to wait at least 3 weeks for the grass seed to take before starting the shed and fence.

Rob and the Elf King, 2011
  Volunteer Requirements: I'll see if I can pre-build the fence sections at the ReStore. When it's time to erect the fence, 3 to 8 volunteers would make it go faster
Happy Nan!
  Materials/Tools: Rent a brush saw.

  Inspections: Mike will arrange final inspection for porches and grading.

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