Thursday, May 12, 2011

Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity: Delta Muskoka Resorts Build

 With great excitement, Habitat for Humanity Muskoka is launching a new build. Last year’s project in Bala, these photos are from the Patty Parson’s Build, demonstrated that many hands make light work.

Many are needed for a build. From those who put hammer to nail with great flair, to those who sweep up debris. In between are many who pick up materials, deliver recyclables to the Restore.
There are other ways to help, as well. Food is delivered to the volunteers. Local restaurants and church groups donate food. There are coffee breaks, with delightful surprises for all.

Some are required to organize the volunteers, some lift hammer and nail, others help with fundraisers. The most onerous jobs are site supervisors, obtaining building permits, fencing, and the ubiquitous portapotties, then preparing daily logs, volunteer requirements, and establishing a ‘To Do’ list for each day’s work! We have been blessed with excellent site supervisors in Muskoka.

Volunteers range from those with much experience to very little. A job can be found for everyone who wishes to give back to their community.

The most fun, however, over the course of the build was seeing people from workplaces who take a day to work with one another. The YouTube videos demonstrate a lively spirit. Never mind Team Building activities - just put a group together and spend a day helping a family spend their days in a home they are helping to build. They call it ‘sweat equity’! All families are required to participate, and many find that brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers participate.

Chosen families are required to buy the homes. Their mortgage is geared to income. At the end of the build is a moving ceremony in which the recipient family accepts their home.

I visited the Patty Parsons Bala Build (2010 – 2011) almost daily, taking photos of participants and putting it into a blog. You can watch the progress of the build here, as well as the links to the videos. Final work is being done on this properties: final landscaping and outdoor work that was impossible during the winter. 
The generosity of spirit is heartwarming. Please consider donating some of your time and energy to this build. 
If you can spare it, Habitat for Humanity always accepts donations.

For more information please contact:
Ellen Frood, Executive Director
Habitat for Humanity Muskoka

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