Monday, May 9, 2011

Media Advisory - Delta Muskoka Resorts Build

Habitat for Humanity Muskoka launches the public phase of a three-year, $1 Million Building Homes, Building Hope, Gravenhurst Fundraising Campaign Muskoka Ontario, May, 2011 – Habitat for Humanity Muskoka’s $1 million project for the building of affordable homes in Gravenhurst for 8 – 10 families over the next three to five years is under way.

 ...and the good news Habitat is almost half way there to the $1 million goal!

 A number of significant gifts to the Campaign to be received over the next three years were revealed at today’s Launch:
• The land valued at $120,000 is already bought and paid for by Habitat for Humanity Muskoka
• Habitat for Humanity Muskoka has designated $250,000 from its general funds and proceeds from the ReStore
• Habitat for Humanity Canada will supply $150,000 worth of building materials, appliances and fixtures
That leaves:
• $200,000 in donated labour from the people of Gravenhurst and surrounding communities
• $300,000 in cash to be raised from the community over the next three years

 Since Habitat homes are ‘sold’ not given away, 100% of mortgage revenue from homes built in Gravenhurst will be paid to Habitat for Humanity Muskoka’s revolving fund for the construction of more houses in the future. Habitat for Humanity Muskoka is truly grateful for all the outstanding leadership support received to date and we look forward to many more gifts at every level. Habitat welcomes the participation of all our friends in this Campaign to support builds in Gravenhurst.

 About Habitat for Humanity Muskoka 
Habitat for Humanity Muskoka was established as an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity Canada in 2001. Our first home was built in 2003. Habitat for Humanity Muskoka strives to eliminate poverty housing through advocacy, education and partnership with families in need, to build simple, decent affordable housing. Since 2003, ten homes have now been built by Habitat for Humanity Muskoka for families across Muskoka who may not otherwise be able to experience the joys and responsibilities of home ownership. We are excited to be building our 11th and 12th homes in Gravenhurst in 2011 and look forward to the completion of an additional six to eight homes over the next three to five years.

 Through volunteer labour, efficient management and donations of money and materials, Habitat homes are built and sold to partner families at no profit. They are financed with affordable, no interest mortgages, geared to the families' financial circumstances. Habitat for Humanity is not a give-away program. In addition to the mortgage payments, each homeowner contributes 500 hours of unpaid labour into the building of their home and other homes. This is called "Sweat Equity". Sweat equity increase pride of ownership and reduces Habitat's costs.

 Volunteers are absolutely essential to the building of Habitat homes in our community,” said Ellen Frood, executive director, Habitat for Humanity Muskoka. “Because of our volunteer’s hard work and dedication, Habitat for Humanity Muskoka has been able to transform the lives of 10 families by providing them with access to homeownership. And with the help of a small army of volunteers, we will build our new homes in Gravenhurst in the summer of 2011. Going forward this small army will contribute to the building of an additional six to eight homes.

 But in order to reach the goal we need $300,000 in cash donations from the community 

 There are many ways you can contribute to the campaign. And remember no gift is too small.
Consider some of the following:
• Challenge your co-workers to join together to raise money – bring your company out to volunteer and support an ‘Adopt A Build’ day. Seek sponsors from your contacts to support the day.
• Challenge your peers to join you in supporting the Campaign by matching your gift
• Hold a ‘Nickels for Nails’ fundraising drive (see how much spare change you can collect)
• Invite your neighbours to a community Habitat fundraising BBQ
• Challenge your book club, hockey club, dart league, walking or bike club to hold a fundraiser
• Bake pies and sell them ( a small Edmonton community of 3.000 raised $100,000 selling pies)
• Hold a golf tournament or fundraising dinner or other event...use your imagination and have fun!

 Join together – let’s all take our hats off for humanity...let’s all work together to break the cycle of poverty through the building of affordable homes, one house at a time.

 For more information on how you can help, please contact: 
Ellen Frood
Habitat for Humanity Muskoka 705-646-0106, ext. 6 or

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