Monday, May 9, 2011

Groundbreaking Part 3

Partner families for the Delta Muskoka Resorts Build - on left of sign - 
Emily and family, right side of sign - 
Jennifer, Thomas and family getting ready to "dig in" and begin work on helping to build their homes.

Left to right - HFH Muskoka Board of Directors - Paul Erb, Linda Acton-Riddle, Stan Hiseler, Jane Weiland, Jason Swain. Partner families in front of Habitat sign -  Emily and family, Jennifer and Thomas and family. Far right, Board of Directors - Rev. Paul Dempsey, Rob Abbott, Martha Coburn.

View from the air of Muskoka Beach Road (running left to right near bottom), past water tower on the left bottom corner. The building lot is visible, beside black roof of neighbouring house, right of centre of photo. Linda Acton-Riddle and her husband are our aerial photographers!

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