Monday, January 10, 2011

Inspection time!

Daily Log, Patty Parsons Build:
Date: January 10, 2011

Rob Abbott reporting

On Site: Howard, Rob, Doug and Bill Niess
Visitors: Ed Voisin, Ron D'Costa, ESA inspector

Daily Log: Howard and the others started the day cleaning up and readying for the deficiency list from the inspection. Meanwhile, I loaded up the ReStore truck with tools and materials we needed from the ReStore and brought them over to the build. Thanks to an enquiries by Ed, we learned that the continuous handrails were not necessary (probably the toughest task on the list.) We got 1014A handrail lowered, the header on 1014 cut down, the bridging on both stair landings, 2 (of 4) hose bib NRV's, the grip-tape on the ramp, the vapour barrier fixed, the vent cover and the basements unloaded of unnecessary tools. 

The ESA electrical inspector came by and did the final inspection. That just leaves:
caulking, lowering one of the handrails, the inside threshold strip, siding and roof edging to be completed for the final inspection. In addition there are a couple of details that we will need to complete before closing: cleaning, cable and phone wiring, towel bars, grab bars, and the blinds.

Action/Follow-Up Items: Rob: Chase down new cabinet door. Howard: chase down Butler for HVAC Balance and fix HRV.

Next Days:
Tuesday: handrail, caulking, threshold ramp, cover plate in basement of 1014, NRV's on hose bibs.
Wednesday: Contractor Day!: Cleaners, Jeff Vincent is to finish the roof and Harry to finish siding.
Thursday – Homeowner walk-through.

Materials/Tools: Towel bars, etc.

Inspections: Thursday or Friday

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