Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Daily Log, Patty Parsons Build: OPP OOP

Date: January 12 , 2011

 A *C-note poorer Rob Abbott reporting
(*Editor: Long story. Best left for a cocktail party.)

 On Site: Howard, Rob, Doug and Deb

Contractors: Vincent Enterprises

 Daily Log: Howard, Doug and I finished of the deficiency list from the inspection. Meanwhile, Deb spent most of the day re-retouching up all the paint and spackle. We moved the remaining tools and supplies to the basement to make it easier for the cleaning crew scheduled for Thursday and loaded up the trailer with all the garbage to haul to the dump. The roofers worked on the front eave for a few hours, but ran out of material.

Action/Follow-Up Items: Rob: Grab bars and cable TV connectors.

Howard: HPN to fix leak in 1014, Harry to finish siding.

 Next Days:
 Thursday: Busy Busy!: Cleaners, Plumbers, Siding, Homeowner walk-through.
Friday: Final Inspection, work on punch list items.

Materials/Tools: Towel bars, etc.
 Inspections: Friday

*OK. Editor thought it a funny story, told well from Rob the Sage.

Side-note:  Guilty as charged, but my intentions were good...honest.  I'd noticed that the license plate on Howard's trailer was almost falling off.  

So, I pointed it out to Howard, removed it, and we go new stainless steel washers and bolts to re-attach the license plate.  However, we got side-tracked and after carefully lashing the load in, and spending the extra few minutes to check and fix the trailer lights we forgot to re-attach the license plate.    

I offered to take the trailer to the dump, since it was on my way home, so we hooked Howard's big steel trailer up to my Smart Car and I headed down 169 towards Orillia.  I stopped at “The Bala Chippers” and checked my load again to make sure none of the trash was going to blow out on the trip.  Then, just outside of Torrance, I received a phone call so I pulled off onto the shoulder to talk on the phone.  

As I was sitting talking on the phone, a policeman tapped on the window and asked if I knew there was no license plate.  I slapped my forehead and explained that I'd removed it and forgotten (I probably should have claimed it must have just fallen off as the outline could clearly be seen).  He then asked for the registration which, like the license plate, was back in Howard's truck.  

With that news I had to wait while presumably he ran my license through various data bases.  Eventually, he came back saying he was giving me a break by not impounding the trailer and not giving me a ticket for no registration, but I was getting a ticket for not having a license plate.

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