Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We're gonna be in a video!

OK. Not me. I'm not in any! I take the photos! But still, great excitement!

I took a lot of photos! I'm up over 600, to be sure. Several a day from May to September 15th, when we moved away. It was incredible seeing what these fabulous volunteers managed every day. They had great supervisors, with three different ones: Howard Ruttan, Frank Fraser (Elf King), and Rob Abbott (Robber Rabbit of the Smart Car, able to carry small buildings in a single bound), at various times over the summer.

Other photographers who sent me photos included:

  • Frank Fraser, who sent me many once I left. Bless his soul!
  • Rob Abbott, the sage of daily loggers. Lordie (to quote my late Dad), Rob's a punmeister, or penmeister. Don't know how he does it after a long day hammering, building and doing his thing!
  • Linda Acton-Riddle, President of Habitat Muskoka, who had a personal pilot (her hubby) who took photos from the air, before the roof was put on! How cool was that? 
  • Ellen Frood, ED of Habitat for Humanity Muskoka, sent me some of the first look by one of our partner families. They have been very kind and shared their photos with us and for the blog.

But the news...

Blake Heathcote
Blake Heathcote is going to be making a video of the activities at Bala's Patty Parsons Build.
 (The latest Muskoka Habitat for Humanity Project. The next will be in Gravenhurst!)
I hope they will find as many fabulous volunteers there as they found in our small town of Bala! They said we couldn't do it, but people came from near and far. They gave their time, energy and expertise when they could have been having docktails, a long-standing Muskoka tradition!

Blake is a very talented person and we are fortunate to have him donating his services.

From Blake's webpage...

Telling stories has been the focus of Blake’s life for the past thirty-five years. He began his career in the theatre as a writer and director, working across Canada, on Broadway and in the UK.  He created the Testaments of Honour project in 1999 to record the stories of WWII veterans from across the country which resulted in two best-selling books, video displays in museums in Canada, UK and France and video interviews on numerous websites across the internet. Since 2006 Blake has been Video Producer for Random House of Canada, creating video interviews with some of the world’s leading authors. He continues to create unique video stories for families and for businesses, assists individuals with writing memoirs and provides media coaching to strengthen the skills needed for public presentations and how to best communicate on camera.

All at Habitat for Humanity Muskoka are excited looking forward to seeing the results. (I may just have to schedule a special Muskoka visit!) The unveiling of the video will be on January 28th at the gala dinner (entitled New Digs). Be there or be square!

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