Monday, December 20, 2010


Daily Log, Patty Parsons Build
Date: December 20, 2010, Rob Abbott reporting

On Site: 
Acting Site Supervisor: Rob Abbott
Volunteer: Willie Fletcher
Voluntolds: Beaver Creek Crew: Stu, Eric, Rick, Carlos, Tibor, Chris
Contractors: All About Kitchens

Daily Log:     The weather was overcast with flurries.  Rick sanded and primed the stairwell of 1014; the mudding and taping is done!  Eric primed some bare spots and cleaned and protected the floors in the units.  Stu got the bathroom light fixture working, Tibor, Carlos and Chris went on and archaeological dig extricating all the lumber, tools and trash buried under the snow.  They also dismantled the sign and cleaned up the site as best they could.  The countertops for 1014A were installed.  Willie and I worked on the handrails for 1014A, but by 3:30 we were cold and tired and said stick-it to the pickets until tomorrow.

Action/Follow-Up Items:   Rob: Jeff Vincent, Adam Electric

Next Days/Week Plan:     
Tuesday: Pickets on 1014A, Continue with above. Toe-kicks, handrails, trim.  HPN is to come in the afternoon.  Countertops for 1014?
Wednesday: HPN.
Thursday:  Roofers and Siding?
Christmas Eve: Depends on volunteer availability.

Volunteer Requirements:              Eager Beavers on Wednesday.  Need trim/detail expert.

Materials/Tools: ReStore Truck to haul away material.  Appliances in 2011.

Inspections:  In 2011 after roof is on.

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