Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas our last day before Christmas and we were all through the house...


Daily Log, Patty Parsons Build: I hope the reindeer don't slip off the slick and shiny new steel roof!
Date: December 23, 2010,

Rob Abbott reporting

On Site:

Naughty: Rob Abbott
Nice: Nan and Willie Fletcher
Contracted Elves: Jeff Vincent

Daily Log: Twas our last day before Christmas and we were all through the house...

Jeff and his crew of roofers arrived early and spent the day finishing the roof on. He installed the turbine vents also, once I returned from driving all over Muskoka trying to find the right ones. He promises to come back in the new year and add the gable end trim and snow dam on the eaves. Willie finished up a lot of outstanding jobs: baseboards, trim, toe-kicks, fixing the cut-out studs under the stairs and even getting the crawlspace steps mounted in 1014.

Nan, as always, got us going, and kept us going, with coffee and treats. She also decorated the picture windows of each unit with garland and candles and put new ribbons on the wreaths (courtesy of Saturday Afternoons, Bala).

I managed to get the range hoods installed myself covered in caulking and plaster, and make a mess of both units. [Editor's note: self-depracating humour. I've seen Rob work!] I intended to clean up a bit more for Santa, but I had to leave in time to work the Bingo at the Legion.

Action/Follow-Up Items: 

Rob: Chase down new cabinet door.

Next Days:
Closed til December 28
Tuesday: I'm hoping to get the plumbers in. I may not be available and Nan won't be
around, so I might have to find someone in Bala to open up the door for the plumbers.
Wednesday: ADAM Electric is coming in to finish up the electrical

Thursday - Jan 3: Closed unless a contractor or volunteer needs an excuse to get away from family.

Volunteer Requirements: In the new year there will be a big push to get a lot of little jobs finished and clean up the inside. There will also be a lot of paint touch-ups.

Materials/Tools: I took home some paint brushes to clean; I've just got to remember to get them back there. ReStore Truck to haul away material. Appliances in 2011.

Inspections: In 2011 after the roof is on, the plumbing is in, and the HRV's have been completed.

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