Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rob & the donuts

Preparging - courtesy Andrew Wagner-Chazalon
Daily Log, Patty Parsons Build
Date: December 11, 2010, 
Rob Abbott reporting

On Site: 
Head Honcho: Howard Ruttan
Volunteers: Willie Fletcher, Jim Houghton, Toni
Contractors: None

Daily Log:     It’s been well over a month since I did one of these, and since, other than decimating the doughnut box, I did very little today, I figured I should at least write the log.

The weather was overcast and mild, but not mild enough to make it any easier for Willie and Jim swinging the pick-axe to break up the frozen ground.

Howard, Jim and Willie worked on framing the side-door porches.  Toni continued her touch-ups in 1014. Meanwhile, I offered unsolicited and unhelpful advice, and did very little useful work.

Action/Follow-Up Items:   Howard: Jeff Vincent, kitchen installers, HRV hook-up for 1014.
Rob: Range hoods

Next Days/Week Plan:     
Monday: Porches, ramp, railings, and kitchen install
Eager Beaver
Tuesday: Continue with above. Mudding and taping.
Wednesday: KITCHENS are a Priority

Volunteer Requirements:              
Eager Beavers on Tuesday.

Materials/Tools:  2 sheets of PT Plywood for ramp, drywall mud, weather strip for attic hatches (approx 10’ per unit) Howard/Jane: Pick up MDF from Muskoka Lumber to be ripped and primed for window jamb extensions and sills.

Inspections:  Plumbing (arranged by HPN?)

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