Thursday, December 16, 2010

Getting all the ducks in a row!

Daily Log December 14, Patty Parsons Project

Site Supervisor: Howard Ruttan
Volunteers: Chairman of all builders: Rob Abbott
All others: Nan Allen, Doug Patterson, Deb Tillson,  Kent Hamill, Willie Fletcher, Peter Hemming, Beaver Creek Crew; Stu Barnes, Gilles Loubier, Ron Miller, Eric Campbell, Joe Willemsen, Rick __ .

Contractors: Non

Activities: Rick doing a fantastic job mudding the final areas that were missed and where plugs needed to be moved.
              Willie and Kent installing cabinets in 1014.
              Deb painting and cleaning and organizing.
              Remainder of crew working outside in frigid weather building steps, ramp and decks. Doing a fantastic job too.

Next: complete decks and steps.
        Install cabinets in 1014A. Finish kitchen in 1014.
        Arrange counter top installs.

~Howard Ruttan

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