Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eager beavers

Daily Log, Patty Parsons Build
Date: December 22, 2010,

Rob Abbott reporting

On Site:
Acting Site Supervisor: Rob Abbott
Volunteers: 5 Golden Beaver Creekers
Contractors: Ian Wallace, Jeff Vincent, and HPN.

Daily Log:    Stu Barns and a crew of 5 from Beaver Creek dug out all the equipment and materials from under the snow and loaded it onto their trailer and took it back to the ReStore.  They also cleaned up the units (which I promptly muddied again) and touched up the last of the drywall boo-boos.

Ian Wallace finished up the trim.  Jeff Vincent and his helper Ian shovelled the snow off the roof and got about half the roof on unit 1014A.  They'll be back to finish the rest Thursday.  HPN showed up late in the afternoon and got the toilet and tub in 1014A connected (still a lot of plumbing to do).

Action/Follow-Up Items:    Rob: The upper cabinets for the kitchen in 1014 are too big (the fridge won't fit.  It appears the base units were re-sized, but the uppers weren't.  I will order another door and get one of the local cabinetmaker volunteers to re-size one of the boxes.
Pick up roof vents (Jeff will install later along with snow dams).

Next Days:Thursday:  Roofers, Plumbers and if any others come, continue with trim and toe-kicks.  Last day to get materials.
Christmas Eve: Closed till Jan 3, unless a contractor or volunteer needs an excuse to get away from family.

Volunteer Requirements:      Is there anyone still here?

Materials/Tools: ReStore Truck to haul away material.  Appliances in 2011.

Inspections:  In 2011 after the roof is on, the plumbing is in, and the HRV's have been completed. 

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