Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Daily Log, Patty Parsons Build – It's Winter!

Date: December 21, 2010,

Rob Abbott reporting

On Site:
Acting Site Supervisor: Rob Abbott
Volunteers: No Slug Doug Patterson, Free Willie Fletcher, Captain Cody Fletcher
Contractors: All About Kitchens, Ian Wallace
Visitors: Patrick and Mark stopped by to deliver materials from the ReStore, and Harry Westerby stopped by to check on the roof status.

Daily Log:    Jeepers; was the moon ever large and bright over the tree-tops when I drove in today!

Doug and Cody were wicked on the picket line finishing up the last railing. Meanwhile, Willie finished framing the bathroom counter frame and cut the toe-kicks for 1014.  Ian Wallace responded to my Bala-Signal call for a trim guy and dropped his sugar cookie and to battle pine and solve our problems with crack, finishing up the trim and baseboard details in 1014A.   I spent most of the day on the phone, loading up Micro Red with trash for the dump, or picking up materials.  Chris and ? From All About Kitchens installed the countertop for 1014 and cut out all the sink openings.

Despite promises, the plumbers were a no-show.

Action/Follow-Up Items:    Rob: Plumbers and Adam Electric

Next Days/Week Plan:
Wednesday: Change of plan; the roofers are coming!  Get ReStore truck if possible and start clea
ring out.  Trim and toe-kick.  Plumbers if I can get them.
Busy Santa
Thursday:  If anyone comes, continue with trim and toe-kicks.  Last day to get materials.
Christmas Eve: Depends on volunteer availability.

Volunteer Requirements:      Eager Beavers on Wednesday.

Materials/Tools: ReStore Truck to haul away material.  Appliances in 2011.

Inspections:  In 2011 after the roof is on, the plumbing is in, and the HRV's have been completed.

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