Monday, October 18, 2010

Parger - I hardly knew her!

Construction Daily Log, Patty Parsons Build

Date: October 18, 2010

Rob Abbott reporting

On Site:
Site Supervisor: Rob Abbott
Volunteers: Roberta. Nan was back and forth all day.
Contractors: Lots: Dan Goforth and his crew Daryl and A.N. Other, Jeff from HPN, Collin from Butler Heating and Plumbing, and Arden from ADAM Electric stopped by.
Visitors: Mick delivered the pocket door; Tom 10 picked up his saw, a goatee and Frank's cold.
Prepping for parging.
Thanks for the photo! 

Andrew Wagner-Chazalon

Daily Log: Howard phoned in late today; he had truck, dog and eyeglass problems. So that left me to supervise all the volunteers, but there weren't any. 
Dan Goforth and his crew provided materials and labour to do the little shed roof along the front and even installed the SM board for us. 
Jeff from HPN checked on the plumbing (found some leaks and repaired them). 
Colin stopped by to look at the furnace installation and advised where the furnaces and tanks will go and agreed to install and run the chimneys. However, it won't be for 2 weeks. 
The ESA Inspector came by to inspect the electrical work. He has some issues with the kitchen wiring and will be meeting with Cory tomorrow. Meanwhile, with myself the only volunteer, I puttered putting up some small sheets of drywall and running the last phone cable in 1014. After lunch Roberta came by and we put up a couple of sheets, including one ceiling piece.

Howard planned to come back in the evening with Bob Duke.

Action/Follow-Up Items:
Start deciding on flooring
*Parger * (See note below. Can't find a free photo! /Jenn)
Arrange for trailer and container removal

Next Days/Week Plan:
Tuesday – Thursday Drywall and Outside
Friday – consider removing trailer

Volunteer Requirements: We have work for a large crew. Lots of jobs.

Inspections: Plumbing and Electrical (arranged by contractors)

Editor's note: Rob makes me do my research. Never too old to learn a new thing!

*Parge the ugly out of your concrete wall by Bill Leonard Issue #57

In this article ... You may also think ofparging as applying a form of stucco to a wall.

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