Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Farewell from Jenn - thanks from Angel

Day 1!

I have very much enjoyed posting the photos and daily logs of this project in Bala.
With the dedication ceremony today, I thought I would post this video.

We moved away nearer the completion of the project (this month) rather than the start (in May), but before we left I interviewed Angel, one of the partner families. I dubbed her comments into this video featuring some of the shots I took between May and September.

She lived just around the corner from us, renting a spot. I popped in one day and we had a great chat. I know how much this home means to her, she and I were practically crying as we talked.

Bala Build photos, along with audio from my interview with one of the home recipients. I suggested we could make this video to thank all of the volunteers. Many, many people worked on the project. As SuperNan said, I did it for the two women who were going to be able to live here. Truth is, it's not a gift. The home owners will have a mortgage, tied to income, and will be getting a hand up, not a hand out. Give your time, energy or gifts to Habitat near to you!

I hope you like it!

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