Thursday, November 4, 2010

Angel in her realm of glory!

Volunteers help Angel into her nearly finished home!
Volunteers at the Patty Parsons' Build in Bala had a wonderful event to witness this morning.

The "A" tv segment from Nov 3, 6:00 pm news focusing on volunteers and the Habitat Muskoka build should be available on this site tomorrow.

 Many thanks to Linda Acton-Riddle for sending me photos! I have been anxious to see how it all looks, now we have moved from Bala!
/Jennifer and Brian

SuperNan telling Angel things are going to be better!

 Angel and her mother surveying one of the rooms and dreaming how things are going to be different.
 Angel gets out fitted with a lapel mic before her interview
as Ellen Frood and Angel's mom look on.


Look Mom. I don't bash my knuckles on the door frames!
Volunteers always welcome!

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